Canon EXPO 2010 New York

Canon Expo 2010

Who Should Attend?

If imaging is crucial to your business, so is attending Canon EXPO 2010 New York.

Canon EXPO 2010 is for business professionals who depend on Canon products and technology for their work and livelihood. Our commitment to our diverse customers in wide-ranging markets makes this event different than any other you’ve ever attended. At Canon EXPO 2010, you’ll not only experience innovative Canon products and technologies that help transform imaging today, but you’ll also get an early look at new innovations for tomorrow. Experience our wide-ranging expertise and our passion for imaging.

Canon EXPO 2010 New York means business

We’ll be welcoming the extended Canon community, including CEOs and business executives, professional photographers, broadcast executives, filmmakers, photography and design students, procurement officers, IT leaders, hospital and clinic administrators, commercial printers, data center personnel, and many more. Only Canon can create an imaging event so all-encompassing, and appropriate for such a wide audience.

Canon EXPO 2010 New York is designed for:

Business leaders – We partner with business visionaries and leaders who want to use imaging to build and transform their organizations with new capabilities and productivity. Canon EXPO 2010 is for CEOs, CIOs, executives, managers and IT leaders from businesses of all sizes; business entrepreneurs and road warriors, procurement, office and IT managers and many others.

Problem-solvers – Canon EXPO 2010 is the ideal environment to help find new ways to solve pressing business challenges, from fostering creative collaboration to streamlining key communication processes. Here, agencies, consulting firms and other organizations that help build and enhance businesses can see how our imaging solutions can benefit their customers.

Creative groups of all kinds – Canon EXPO 2010 is a must-see event for professional photographers in all areas of photography. It’s also an exciting event for designers, architects and various others who use imaging as a central part of their work. You’ll see great photography, as well as the broad range of imaging solutions that can fuel the creative process.

Print production experts – Print output is a central part of Canon EXPO 2010, where you’ll see our latest production printers, including some exciting new additions to the Canon family. This will be a valuable experience for executives and business managers at commercial printers and large in-house print departments, managers of digital printing, production managers, data center personnel, central photo lab printers and many other print professionals.

Healthcare professionals in radiology, eyecare and life sciences – We’ll be sharing our latest diagnostic imaging innovations with hospital CIOs and CEOs, physicians, radiologists, technicians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, IT leaders, as well as other key personnel at hospitals, clinics and private practices.

Broadcast, videography or film professionals – Come see the latest advances in moving images, from broadcast and beyond. We’ll be welcoming broadcast and cable executives, studio engineers, operations managers, professional cameramen, documentarians, independent filmmakers and producers, security and IT professionals and many others.

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Explore the world of imaging

At Canon EXPO 2010 New York, you’ll see the products you rely on today – plus new innovations that will surprise and amaze you – all in one dynamic, interactive setting. Put the infinite possibilities of imaging to work for you. It all starts at Canon EXPO 2010 New York, where we speak image.

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