Distortion Stress Test: Architecture

Few subjects demand a distortion-free lens more than architecture and other human-built objects. While nature is big on curves and angles, very few perfectly straight lines are found in nature. The horizon is sometimes an exception, but very often that is not perfectly straight.
Man loves straight lines and they work very well in construction. Building foundations are generally straight as are many of the other lines found in buildings, often including roof lines and windows.
One key to keeping those lines straight (avoiding converging lines) is to shoot from a straight-on perspective. Another key is to shoot with a distortion-free lens.
While I was not able to get my elevation high enough to prevent the vertical lines from converging (I would need a very tall shooting platform or a tilt-shift lens for that), I was able to keep the horizontal lines straight. The lines of brick running across the bottom edge of the frame and the roof lines across the top of the frame would quickly highlight distortion issues.

Camera and Lens Settings
85mm  f/11.0  1/50s
ISO 100
3805 x 5707px
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