B. Reynolds Falls in the Spring

After a heavy rain, B. Reynolds Falls was flowing very strongly on this mid-May day. The water was so loud that by the end of the day, I was ready for some quiet time in the car.
At parks such as Ricketts Glen, it is easy to find the waterfalls and the images that can be made directly from the trails can be very nice. But, getting off the trails often makes new (and often better) composition possible. Always be looking for new angles.
To get this particular image, I climbed down the rocks beside a small walking bridge and precariously positioned myself and the tripod legs on strongly-sloped wet rocks just above the water. I often place the tripod into the water for such shots, but ... that only works if the water flow is not strong enough to cause vibrations in the tripod. The final composition emphasizes a balance of the features contained with most lines moving toward the center of the frame.
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