Boat Cockpit

This small boat had taken some water splash prior to this photo resulting in many water droplets on the windshield, noticeable just beyond the dash. The angle of the sun caused them to become prominant in the image.
Since I wanted the dash and steering wheel to be the focus of the picture, I needed to remove the spots. If there were only a few of them, I would have simply cloned them out. Cloning out a hundred or so water spots does not sound like fun (and this picture probably would not be worth that task to me). So, I selected the effected area and used Photoshop's Dust and Scratches noise filter with a 12 pixel radius selected. The filter removed nearly all of the water spots and I lost very few non-water-spot details to this filtering.
Camera and Lens Settings
28mm  f/8.0  1/80s
ISO 200
5184 x 3456px
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