Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro FX Lens Sample Pictures

Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro FX Lens
Hurricane Sandy-Damaged Pier Hurricane Sandy-Damaged Pier
While the incredible sunset over Barnegat Bay captures your attention first, it is the pier that tells the story. Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New Jersey coast and this pier going out into Barnegat Bay remains witness to the event.
This is an HDR image. Read the HDR article in the tips section of the site for the full story on this one.
16mm  f/11.0  20s  ISO 100
Getting Creative with Your Shadow Getting Creative with Your Shadow
I usually make an effort to keep my shadow out of the frame, but sometimes ... I incorporate it into a composition. I was actually shooting from a tripod, but tried a simulated handheld photo pose for this shot. LOL - this is about as much of me as you will see in our family photos. Aside from what the kids capture here and there.
16mm  f/11.0  1/13s  ISO 100
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Shooting a group of people in a tight space is a good time to pull out the ultra-wide angle lens. Ultra-wide angle focal lengths are not going to be the most-pleasing option from a perspective standpoint (notice how large that left-most foot looks?), but sometimes getting everyone in the shot is more important.
16mm  f/5.6  1/50s  ISO 640
Fiery Sky Over Barnegat Bay Fiery Sky Over Barnegat Bay
I still had a 4.5 hour drive home after this sunset settled down at 8:30 this evening. But the late night was so worth it. It would have been hard to design a better end of day show.
Note that the sun had set about 15 minutes prior to this photo, taken at the peak of sky color. Don't pack up until the sky goes dark as you might miss the best part of the show.
28mm  f/11.0  1/8s  ISO 100
Decorated for Christmas Decorated for Christmas
See those straight lines at the right edge of the frame? Those lines are unforgiving of lens distortion. At 28mm, this is doing a nice job at keeping those lines straight – at least in that portion of the frame. A level camera is also needed for that edge to remain straight.
28mm  f/16.0  15s  ISO 200
The Outhouse The Outhouse
The outhouse from a long-abandoned one-room schoolhouse sits alone at the top of the hill. Shooting this scene backlit provides bright grass and dark shadows. With the sun being low, those shadows are also very long.
As this lens is prone to flare, positioning the sun mostly behind the tree reduced flaring and gave me a nice burst of light.
16mm  f/11.0  1/40s  ISO 100
Boardwalk to the Beach Boardwalk to the Beach
A wooden boardwalk leads over the dunes to a beach with a wave that is starting to break directly in line with the end of the walkway. An ultra-wide angle focal length allows a vast amount of the boardwalk to be included in the frame. And makes it possible to have everything in the frame in focus.
16mm  f/16.0  1/25s  ISO 160
Beach Flag Code Sign Beach Flag Code Sign
Even with a wide open f/2.8 aperture at this lens' longest focal length, the background does not become diffusely blurred unless the subject is near minimum focus distance.
28mm  f/2.8  1/320s  ISO 100

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