Sigma 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG OS Lens Sample Pictures

Sigma 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG OS Lens
Jet Plane and Contrails Picture Jet Plane and Contrails Picture
A large jet plane leaves a high altitude set of bright white contrails (condensation trails).
400mm  f/6.3  1/160s  ISO 400
Backlit Young Photographer Picture Backlit Young Photographer Picture
A young photographer stands on top of a hill with a setting sun behind her.
128mm  f/5.6  1/1250s  ISO 320
Sunset 7 Sunset 7
A few small clouds add some detail to a still-full setting sun.
400mm  f/11.0  1/640s  ISO 100
Pretty Little Girl Picture Pretty Little Girl Picture
A pretty little girl plays on a stone mason's scaffolding. The background is provided by an out-of-focus distant mountain and lighting is from a cloud-diffused setting sun.
400mm  f/5.6  1/250s  ISO 400
Stream Scene Picture (80mm) Stream Scene Picture (80mm)
An 80mm view of a small stream flows through the rocks in the bottom of this valley.
80mm  f/13.0  1/4s  ISO 100
Stream and Rock Picture (400mm) Stream and Rock Picture (400mm)
The same tripod position as the previous 80mm picture yields a much different photo. Telephoto lenses - especially zooms - can frame an interesting shot out of an average scene.
400mm  f/13.0  1/5s  ISO 100
Long Exposure Stream Picture Long Exposure Stream Picture
An 8 second exposure shows the pattern followed by the bubbles floating in this stream. The motion-blurred water foreground hides the fact that the DOF is too narrow for the entire scene to be in focus.
80mm  f/10.0  8s  ISO 100
Sunset Behind Tree Trunk Picture Sunset Behind Tree Trunk Picture
The sun dramatically sets over the mountain behind a Y in this tree's trunk.
400mm  f/11.0  1/200s  ISO 100
Fun at the Top Picture Fun at the Top Picture
A little girl enjoys the feeling of being on top of the hill.
250mm  f/5.6  1/200s  ISO 400
Setting Sun 2 Setting Sun 2
Small cloud formations pattern the sky as the sun sets.
400mm  f/9.0  1/200s  ISO 100
Riding Bike Picture Riding Bike Picture
A little girl pedals hard to go up on her training wheel-equiped bicycle.
400mm  f/5.6  1/1000s  ISO 200
Rock and Water Picture Rock and Water Picture
A large rock, accented by some green moss, is mirrored in the water. A long exposure turns bubbles into white streaks.
105mm  f/16.0  2s  ISO 100
Rock and Motion Blurred Water Picture Rock and Motion Blurred Water Picture
A dark-colored rock is surrounded by flowing water. A long exposure gives the water a unique look - one that is not visible by our eye.
116mm  f/16.0  4s  ISO 100
Playing on Scaffolding Picture Playing on Scaffolding Picture
The excitement of being 5' off the ground on a board shows on this girl's face.
96mm  f/5.6  1/250s  ISO 400
Little Waterfall Picture Little Waterfall Picture
Bubbles exiting this small waterfall leave white streaks in this long exposure picture.
158mm  f/16.0  1s  ISO 100

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