Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 Lens Sample Pictures

Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 Lens
Red Zinnia Picture Red Zinnia Picture
Red, green and blue - a Zinnia framed by the sky.
24mm  f/8  1/400s  ISO 100
Ornamental Grass Sunset Picture Ornamental Grass Sunset Picture
The sun sets in dramatic fashion behind the ornamental Maiden Grass.
24mm  f/7.1  1/250s  ISO 100
Fiery Sunset Picture Fiery Sunset Picture
The sky is aflame during this sunset.
24mm  f/4  1/40s  ISO 100
A Girl and Her Bike Picture A Girl and Her Bike Picture
A young bike rider pauses for her picture to be taken.
24mm  f/7.1  1/80s  ISO 100
Sunrise 4 Sunrise 4
Fog in the valley and orange in the sky as the sun rises.
24mm  f/6.3  1/60s  ISO 100
Hickory Tree Picture Hickory Tree Picture
A tall Hickory Tree reaches out of a clearing in the woods.
24mm  f/8  1/60s  ISO 100
Girl on Big Wheel Picture Girl on Big Wheel Picture
She just grew long enough to reach the pedals of her Big Wheel.
24mm  f/7.1  1/50s  ISO 100
Maiden Grass Plume Picture Maiden Grass Plume Picture
Plumes of Maiden Grass reach up into the blue sky.
24mm  f/11  1/80s  ISO 100
Panning Bicycle Picture Panning Bicycle Picture
All is blurred except the bicycle rider.
24mm  f/7.1  1/30s  ISO 100
Morning Scenery Picture Morning Scenery Picture
Various depths and colors of trees, fog and mountains are featured in this picture.
24mm  f/6.3  1/200s  ISO 100
Maiden Grass Maiden Grass
Maiden Grass plumes create a diagonal line through this picture.
24mm  f/7.1  1/100s  ISO 100

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