Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens Sample Pictures

Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens
Rider on Black Horse Picture Rider on Black Horse Picture
This is an in door action shot that requires the fastest lens available. Panning was necessary to get a sharp image even with this fast telephoto lens wide open and ISO set at 1600.
135mm  f/2.0  1/200s  ISO 1600
Young Ballerina Picture Young Ballerina Picture
A little girl takes her turn across the stage in this dance performance.
135mm  f/2.5  1/640s  ISO 640
Mare with her Colt Picture Mare with her Colt Picture
Its hard to tell they are related, but ... A mare and her colt share a meal of pasture grass together.
135mm  f/2.0  1/1250s  ISO 200
Very Cute Little Girl Very Cute Little Girl
A very cute little girl with a Christmas tree in the background.
135mm  f/2.2  1/320s  ISO 100
Relaxing During Portrait Session Relaxing During Portrait Session
Keep your subjects relaxed even during formal portrait sessions. You will benefit from their enhanced expressions.
135mm  f/11.0  1/200s  ISO 100
Colt Eating Flower Picture Colt Eating Flower Picture
A wildflower becomes this colt's dinner. The colt is displaying the typical newborn horse awkwardness.
135mm  f/2.0  1/2000s  ISO 100
Waiting Her Turn Picture Waiting Her Turn Picture
A little girl waits for her turn during this dance performance.
135mm  f/2.0  1/200s  ISO 1600
Atlantic Ocean Sunrise Atlantic Ocean Sunrise
The hardest part about capturing a great Atlantic Ocean Sunrise photo from the US coast is getting up early enough to do so. Make sure your camera is level any time the ocean meets the sky in the frame as it is unforgiving.
135mm  f/8.0  1/400s  ISO 100
Daddy's Girl Daddy's Girl

135mm  f/2.0  1/500s  ISO 100
Colt Interacting with Mare Picture Colt Interacting with Mare Picture
A colt interacts with its mare. A colt does not get very far from its very protective mother at this age.
135mm  f/2.0  1/1250s  ISO 200
Brown Trout Picture Brown Trout Picture
A large and colorful Brown Trout lays in the rocky shallows.
135mm  f/2.0  1/100s  ISO 640
Girl on a Stool Picture Girl on a Stool Picture
Want to keep a kid still for their picture? Put them on something like a stool.
135mm  f/2  1/400s  ISO 100
Palomino Colt in Pasture Palomino Colt in Pasture
A palomino Quarter Horse colt stands in the pasture.
135mm  f/2.0  1/1250s  ISO 100
Portrait of a Young Lady Portrait of a Young Lady
This portrait utilizes a slight head tilt with hanging hair that frames the young lady's face.
135mm  f/11.0  1/200s  ISO 100
Christmas Portrait Picture Christmas Portrait Picture

135mm  f/4.0  1/200s  ISO 100
Rose 4 Rose 4
Outstanding. The Rose is sooo beautiful.
135mm  f/8  1/200s  ISO 100
Daffodil and Sky Picture Daffodil and Sky Picture
The daffodil in this picture is surrounded by sky.
135mm  f/4.5  1/750s  ISO 100
Grazing Colt Picture Grazing Colt Picture
A baby palomino Quarter Horse colt grazes in the pasture.
135mm  f/2.0  1/1250s  ISO 100
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