Lightware z600 Long Lens Case Review

Lightware z600 Case
In-Depth Review

The Lightware z600 Case review is provides good protection for your camera body and a large 500mm or 600mm lens in a minimalist package. A small 600mm lens case would probably qualify as an oxymoron, but this case is relatively small and light compared to the alternatives.

Designed for sports and similar event photography, the Lightware z600 Case a high quality, attractive and durable exterior with a nicely padded interior. There is little additional storage provided on the case, but the extra storage area is not taking up space. The rectangular shape of the z600 allows it to pack well with other rectangular cases.

A nice foam-padded hard-tube handle and an adjustable shoulder strap are provided. I will note that a lens as heavy as this case was designed to carry is not comfortable on my shoulder for long periods of time. It would be great carrying the lens to a location, but I prefer a backpack for distance hiking. That is my opinion of course.

Lightware z600 Case with Nikon Equipment

I didn't have a 600mm at the time, but my Canon EF 500mm f/4 L IS Lens with a 1-Series body attached fit in the case with the Velcro'd-in zippered pouch in place (in the Lightware z600 Case lid). The lid pouch *may* need to be removed for a 600 + body.

Thin, deep pockets are provided on the 4 sides of the case. Lightware sells accessory "Z" Pockets that attach for additional storage.

Somewhat annoying is the lid that does not stay open by itself. There may be advantages to this design (and it may break in), but it seems like I need a third hand.

The Lightware z600 Case measurements ...
Inside L: 7.5in / 18.75cm, W: 8in / 20cm, H: 18.5in / 46.25cm
Outside L: 9.5in / 23.75cm, W: 9.75in / 24.38cm, H: 23in / 57.5cm
4 lbs

And, according to Lightware ...

"Designed to fit the Nikon, Canon and 500 and 600mm f/4 Lenses. Zippered flip lid has a detachable interior zippered "Trap Pack"pocket (patent pending) for a camera body, film, or accessories. Take out the Trap Pack and there's enough room to place the lens with camera body attached into the case."

"Quick release fastex buckle allows the lid to be closed without having to zip it up. Ballistics fabric is waterproof (case is water resistant). Comes with a permanent adjustable shoulder strap. Adjustable exterior straps for Monopod. Exterior pockets on 3 sides for press passes, pens & pencils and important papers, or detachable "Z" Pocket (patent pending). Optional detachable "Z" Pockets accessory pouches available. (Each case will accommodate up to 3 pockets)."

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Lightware z600 Case
Lightware z600 Case
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