Canon Battery Grip BG-E3 (for Digital Rebel XTi, XT) Review

Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip

Get a grip on the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT - get the Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip!

While the small size of the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT is great for portability and storage, the amount of size allocated to the built-in grip is also small. The BG-E13 allows a full-sized portrait grip (complete with shutter release and buttons similar to the built-in grip) to be added or removed as desired - giving you the best of both worlds.

Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT SLR Camera and BG-E3 Battery Grip

The battery cover on the 350D/Digital Rebel XT is easily removable. See the small slider on the inside portion of the door hinge? Pop the door off, slide the BG-E13 into the battery slot and tighten the BG-E3 into the tripod insert on the camera body.

Two battery holder options are provided with the BG-E13 - both slide into the end of the BG-E3. One option allows two Canon NB-2LH batteries to be utilized (allowing about twice as many shots without a battery change). The other option allows 6 AA batteries to be used. Keep in mind that the 350D/Digital Rebel XT weighs more with the BG-E13 and 6 AAs installed.

Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT SLR Camera Back View

The surface of the full-size portrait grip is rubberized for sure handling. With the Canon BG-E3 Battery Grip installed, larger lenses are much easier to control and portrait oriented shot are more comfortable to take. The BG-E3 is a very nice accessory for the 350D/Digital Rebel XT.

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