Tiffen Variable ND Filter

Tiffen Variable ND Filter

June 3, 2011 - Tiffen has introduced a variable neutral density (VND) optical filter. Designed to replace a range of traditional fixed ND filters this is the first model of a series VNDs planned by the company.

The 77mm VND, now available and shipping, is aimed at the photography and DSLR video market and provides 2 to 8 stops of light control within a thin 9mm ring. Designed and manufactured in the USA it comprises only high quality optical glass and uses Tiffen’s established ColorCore™ Technology. The VND includes a wide outer optic to help reduce any vignetting effects when using wide-angle shots and is supplied in Tiffen professional packaging in a padded pouch.

The Tiffen VND Filter offers the convenience of several neutral density filters in one package. Its main use in the photographic market is for controlling the depth of field and exposure. It is also sought after in the video DSLR market because of its small size, light weight and speed of use, when set up time is a premium.

Carey Duffy, Technical Director (Filters) at Tiffen International says, “The VND will be very popular tool for the busy photographers and HDSLR shooters who may be pressured with little time to set up. It’s ideal for quick ‘run and gun’ videos and suits their quick set up and need for a wide range of performance in compact and light equipment. I would always advise individual neutral density filters, but this is a fantastic option for a wide variety of shooting applications.”

Find the Tiffen Variable ND Filter at B&H, Adorama and Amazon.com

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