Redrock Micro ultraCage for Canon EOS C300

Now Shipping: Redrock Micro ultraCage |blue for the Canon EOS C300

Redrock Micro ultraCage for Canon EOS C300

Hollywood, CA and Dallas, TX - Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-grade cinema accessories, announced today Redrock's new ultraCage| blue™ family of support rigs and accessories for the Canon EOS C300 is now shipping. The Redrock ultraCage rigs - originally debuted as the exclusive rig for Canon's C300 launch films -- have expanded to include new configurations and accessories specifically for the EOS C300.

Within the ultraCage | blue product line, Redrock released over a dozen new accessories and is offering five new rig configurations for the Canon EOS C300 including:

  • Ultra Event compact handheld rig
  • Ultra Field Cinema Bundle shouldermount rig for use with external monitor or EVF
  • Ultra eyeSpy shouldermount rig for use with C300 viewfinder
  • ultraCage | blue 15mm Cinema Bundle for studio productions
  • ultraCage | blue 15/19mm Cinema Bundle for studio productions

ultraCage: The Proven Choice for Filmmakers, Independent Productions and Studios

Redrock was selected by Canon as the exclusive partner and supplier for EOS C300 rigs during the launch film productions helmed by Ron Howard DGA, Richard Crudo ASC, Felix Alcalá, Sam Nicholson ASC, and Vincent Laforet DGA.

Since Canon's announcement, the Redrock ultraCage has been the go-to accessory for television shows and movies productions using the C300, including Saturday Night Live and NCIS: LA. The Redrock ultraCage has received exceptional reviews from these and other productions:

Alex Buono, DP for Saturday Night Live: "The new Canon C300 is an excellent cine-style camera, but if you're planning on using standard accessories such as iris rods, follow focus, matte box, etc., the Redrock Micro ultraCage for the C300 is ESSENTIAL."

Richard Crudo, ASC: "Whether on tripod, in handheld mode, or flying on Steadicam, the ultraCage is the perfect solution for accessorizing this exciting new camera. The Redrock [ultraCage] was an integral part of our C300 package. We couldn't have made the movie without it."

Vincent Laforet, DGA: "The ultraCage is an indispensable skeleton that takes the C300's camcorder build and effectively makes it ready for all the tools and accessories we have become accustomed to on cinema productions."

"In working side by side with Canon and highly respected filmmakers during the development of the EOS C300, we created a family of products and rigs that really complement the C300," said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary at Redrock. "The C300 slides right into the ultraCage's form fitting support. All camera functions, doors, and features are completely accessible. With our new ultraCage |blue rig configurations and accessories, you can match your new C300 to exactly your shooting style."

ultraCage: Powered Version

Redrock also offers a powered version of the ultraCage with the optional powerPack C300 kit - an incredibly versatile accessory that delivers power regulation, conversion, monitoring, and distribution to the Canon EOS C300 in a compact and flexible package. Combined with the ultraCage, it is a complete and essential power and support system.

Pricing and Availability

The new ultraCage | blue and other Redrock C300 accessories are available now and can be purchased direct from Redrock Micro at or through one of Redrock Micro's worldwide authorized resellers. Pricing for the ultraCage starts at $550. Additional pricing varies based on configuration. Like all Redrock products, the ultraCage |blue is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

B&H carries Redrock Micro products.

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