Susquehanna River Panorama

I live near the Susquehanna River and spend a lot of time on it. It is a beautiful lazy river, but I find good images of this water to be elusive. I have relatively few. This of course means that I need to keep trying harder.
On this morning, I was chasing fog. Unfortunately, it lifted before I arrived at my choice of destinations.
Moving to a nearby location, I was able to make a handheld panorama of some nice clouds that showed up after the fog lifted along with their reflection in the mirror-like calm water. A centered waterline is often to be avoided in landscape images, but they can work well when reflections are being captured.
I used a CPOL filter to add some pop to the clouds during capture and reduced the sky exposure slightly in Photoshop during post processing. Photoshop was used to merge the multiple images.
This image was captured about 1 mile north of McKees Half Falls, but note that there is no good place to pull off of the highway here. And I was precariously standing on a steep rock slope to clear the shoreline vegetation.

Camera and Lens Settings
55mm  f/8.0  1/50s
ISO 100
10496 x 3573px
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