Kaenae Peninsula, Maui

Much of the coast of Maui is inaccessible along the road to Hana, but the Kaenae Peninsula is one location where the water can be reached. And the Kaenae Penisula is definitely worth exploring. Sunrise is the time to be here - as long as there are not too many clouds - or rain.
One rule of being near the ocean is: "Never turn your back to the ocean."
This rule is of course hard to follow when you are looking through the viewfinder, trying to time the waves for the best photos. And I got burned for not following the rule on this day.
I was standing on top of a narrow piece of volcanic rock to get a clear view over the rocks in front of me. The rock and those around it were dry.
Unfortunately, a large rogue wave came right over the top of me. I was soaked and so was the camera and lens.
A towel took care of the camera gear. Time dried me.
Do you know how many hours it takes to dry Gore-Tex shoes? Sometimes more than you think. The first attempt to dry the shoes outside was thwarted by an automatic lawn sprinkler system (didn't know it was there). The second attempt was more successful - the SUV's defrost air vent took care of the problem in about 3 hours.
OK - To answer the question I'm getting: No, the shoes did not make the car smell badly. They were very well washed in salt water (Pacific Ocean) and then fresh water (lawn sprinkler) prior to the car drying. Shoes on the dash are a bit of a vision obstacle though.

Camera and Lens Settings
112mm  f/8.0  1/250s
ISO 400
5760 x 3840px
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