Sport Photography Under the Lights

I generally consider under-the-lights to be a worst-case lighting condition for shooting sports.
One problem at this and many other venues is the quality of the lighting. Flickering of the lights affects color balance and image brightness throughout a burst of shots, making post processing a requirement. Full spectrum lighting is only to wish for. Lighting conditions also change based on the location on the field (corners are dark, center field is bright).
Perhaps the biggest problem is getting a shutter speed fast enough to stop the action without going up to an unacceptable ISO setting. An f/2.8 aperture delivered a 1/800 shutter speed at ISO 3200 - this particular shot was still too dark and required brightness increase during post processing. I also shot at shutter speeds as long as 1/400 for much of this match, but these shots of course resulted in more motion blur. Mode 3 IS was very helpful for this shoot.
Camera and Lens Settings
400mm  f/2.8  1/800s
ISO 3200
2911 x 4366px
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