Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Classic Lens Image Quality Comparison

Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Classic Lens

Following is a set of comparison crops from photos shot with a Canon EOS 1Ds III on a clear day. The RAW images were processed with the Standard Picture Style and sharpness was set to a low "1".

These crops were taken from the absolute top right of the frame. The center of the image from all three of these very good lenses is sharp, so the corners best show differentiation. The image in the crops moves around between lens samples due to framing differences between the lenses, but I wanted to show the absolute corner as this is where the biggest difference in image quality is seen.

Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Distagon T* ZE Lens Image Quality Comparison

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L Lens (~18mm)  f/4.0  |  f/5.6  |  f/8.0  |  f/11.0  |  f/16.0 
Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 ZE T* Lens  f/3.5  |  f/4.0  |  f/5.6  |  f/8.0  |  f/11.0  |  f/16.0 
Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift Lens  f/4.0  |  f/5.6  |  f/8.0  |  f/11.0  |  f/16.0 

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