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"I owe you so much! I've learned so much, and I've been able to help so many people (including myself) in camera and lens buying decisions over the past couple of years due to your un-matched great, thorough, detailed, awesome, informative and easy-to-read reviews of (so far) everything I've needed a review for." – Thomas E

"I would just like to say how very highly I rate your website. I always use it when considering my next move for photography equipment and have bought several lenses, etc on the basis of your recommendations. Every time you have been spot on and it's great to have such a wealth of quality information available." – Neil S

"Thanks again for such a extraordinary useful site (in particular your lens comparison tool which I don’t think the market realizes quite how valuable it is!!)." – Lloyd S

"I am a big fan of your site and have learned a lot from it over the years. Thank you!" – Sara S

"You are a valued voice out in the 'noise' of the internet...keep up the great work." – Winters

"All the information I need about the right equipment is clearly explained in your reviews. Excellent writing skills coupled with the perfect imagery to accompany the reviews truly is a rare gift, and a form of art all on its own." – Sammy S

"Thank you again for the great reviews on The-Digital-Picture. As always it's proven very helpful to me." – Conrad S

"Thank you for the website, it has been a magnificent source of information for me in the past several years." – Alberto P

"I've been a long time reader of your site. It's great... thanks so much for sharing such detailed and thorough reviews. I feel I've learned a ton just from reading your reviews and tips." – Christopher M

"Whenever I want to know anything about cameras, lenses and stuff, this is where I go!" – Elon G.

"I greatly appreciate the work you put into your reviews and especially the huge number of test charts..." – Scott M

"I love your site – great layout and your reviews are beyond insightful." – Chad M

"Long-time fan and love reading your reviews when considering new gear." – Charlie R

"I really love your website, very informative reviews, size comparisons and also the crop comparisons are great tools!" – Freek

"Thanks to you people like me have clear insights before we purchase. Your reviews are spotless! Thanks." – Mario C

"Your site is brilliant. I use it before buying all my (Canon) lenses." – Adam J

"I am a great admirer of what you do; I've learned to rely on your review work, as since 2008 it literally never failed me when repeatedly I had to consider purchasing new gear!" – Mike L

"Wow, you must have infinite patience to, first of all, test a camera so thoroughly - but also then to write about the results with so much detail!!" – Jim B

"Thanks for the most useful camera site around!" – Logan L

"It's just amazing the job you do comparing lenses at that level. it's definitely my reference site to buy them." – Carlos S

"Your website has saved me lots of money and pain, helping me to choose the right kit - will continue to read and support. Thanks again for the great work!" – Matthew E

"Thanks so much for doing what you do, the tools you provide are hands down the most valuable resource I've seen on the web." – Joshua J.

"A huge fan of the site for many years, checking in DAILY for the latest News/Reviews - Keep up the great work." – Paul I.

"Huge fan of your work. No other review site comes close to your level of quality." – Justin M.

I just wanted to take some time and thank you for all of the time you spend in helping others accomplish their photographic goals and dreams. The purchase of my first DSLR (January 2007) came as a result of your website, and my selections were based on your reviews and other articles of general information. I started with a Canon Rebel XTI with the kit lens.

My journey has been exciting and has seen me change from Canon, to Nikon, and then back to Canon again. The one constant in all of this has been your excellent reviews, photography information, and advice. The cameras and lenses that I have loved the most are the items that you had highly recommended. Why didn’t I just listen to you to begin with and I could have saved myself a lot of money :), but I know that it had to be this way so that I could fully develop as a photographer and an artist.

I hope you know that are many of us silent photographers that love your site, love what you contribute in reviews and other information to an open community searching for the best advice. I always purchase my equipment from your recommended source. Please tell your family that I appreciate the time you have sacrificed for the benefit of others." – Brian B.

"You're sensible, you understand value for money as distinct from raw excellence, you explain yourself well, you show sensible balances of pro and con. My hat is off to you." – David B.

"Really appreciate your advice and congratulations on a brilliant and unique site." – Stuart

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