Where to Buy a Used Canon Lens

B&H Photo - Check daily as B&H occasionally has 10-rated (or email-for-condition) reconditioned/refurbished Canon lenses.

Adorama - Refurbished Canon Lenses - Many lenses listed as "Refurbished By Canon USA".

Adorama - The online used Canon lens inventory is generally strong here.

Canon Store: DSLRs | Lenses | Flashes - The Canon Store typically has a nice selection of like-new refurbished lenses and flashes available.

Canon Store Refurbished EOS DSLR cameras - The Canon Store also typically has a nice selection of like-new refurbished EOS DSLR cameras.

eBay - Used Canon EF lenses bring a premium at eBay, but the selection is usually large.

Canon - Canon (direct) often has a strong selection of refurbished Canon Cameras and lenses.

Cameta Camera - Located in Amityville, NY and typically has used Canon Lenses.

FredMiranda.com - One of the most active camera equipment buy/sell forums on the net and rich in used Canon EF lenses. Reasonable deals on used Canon lenses sell extremely fast here - sometimes in minutes.

SportsShooters.com - Many used Canon EF lenses show up in the classifieds section.

NaturePhotographers.net - Login required. A buy/sell forum that usually has many used Canon EF lenses.

Midwest Photo Exchange - Used Canon lenses are often mixed with the new lens listings at this retailer.

KEH - Again, used Canon lenses are often available at this retailer.

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