Condensation Volunteers as an Interesting Winter Subject

When looking for interesting winter subjects, condensation often volunteers. Condensation likes a cold temperature carrier and a warm, moist environment. In the winter, it is of course cold outside and warm (and much more comfortable) inside. The perfect scenario.
With the state of the weather being a deep freeze (about -4°F/-20°C), a unique small oval area of condensation formed in the center of the window above our kitchen sink. With the tripod in and behind the sink and me precariously balanced on the edge of the counter around it, I went to work. The result was an interesting image (OK, many of them) of very unique condensation patterns.
Snow, bare trees and a cloudy sky make up the background seen inverted through the clear condensation drops – a very monochromatic scene. While I could have setup a colored background outside behind the window, doing so (and lighting it) would have presented a big challenge. But, this particular scene lends itself nicely to a creative white balance adjustment as you see here.

Camera and Lens Settings
150mm  f/11.0  1/5s
ISO 100
5760 x 3840px
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