Cloud Swoosh, Glacier National Park

As the sun sets, the moutaintop and lower level clouds become shaded, leaving the still-lit clouds to shine brilliantly. A craggy moutaintop with interesting clouds over it is always a hit with me.
No tripod was used for this shot, but I took full advantage of the 24-105mm L lens' image stabilization feature. You may wonder why I say this as the 35mm focal length can often be handheld at the 1/40 shutter speed used for this shot. What you don't know if that I was trail running after having hiked over 8 or 9 miles already this day - and that the winds were strong. I was definitely not holding the camera steady. IS saved the day for this shot and many others on this trip.
Camera and Lens Settings
35mm  f/8.0  1/40s
ISO 100
5616 x 3744px
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