F-16 Falcon and Vapor Trails

An F-16 Falcon flies straight up, leaving photogenic vapor trails from its wing tips.
Air show photography tip: None of us have figured out how to control the weather. And most of us do not have the opportunity to attend multiple large air shows annually without traveling a significant distance. So, make the most of the weather you are given.
If conditions are too poor, the flight portion of most air shows is canceled. So, if the aircraft are flying, you are not likely dealing with rain. But flat, cloudy skies are probably my least favorite background for air show pictures. Crop the action tight in these situations. Or use the flat background to make your subject pop.
If you attend your local show often enough, you should get great sky conditions eventually.
Camera and Lens Settings
400mm  f/6.3  1/1250s
ISO 250
2171 x 3256px
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