Canon Releases EOS Utility 2.10, Picture Style Editor 1.9.0, RAW Codec 1.9.0

Canon has released updates for EOS Utility 2.10, Picture Style Editor 1.9.0 and RAW Codec 1.9.0 (select your OS). The updates are as follows:

Canon EOS Utility 2.10 Updater (2.10.1 for Mac OS X)

1. Added supported models: EOS Kiss X5 / EOS REBEL T3i / EOS 600D, EOS Kiss X50 / EOS REBEL T3 / EOS 1100D

2. Supports the function of registering background music to camera's memory card, Picture Style [Auto], Setting the Built-in flash functions (for supported models only)

3. Added a function of customizing the grid display in Remote Live View

4. Expanded a function to terminate the Live View display and Remote Live View of the camera in synchronization. (Target Model: EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 7D, EOS 60D, EOS REBEL T2i / EOS 550D, EOS REBEL T3i / EOS 600D, EOS REBEL T3 / EOS 1100D) The operation specifications have been changed so that the camera's LCD monitor is turned off at the same time as the Remote Live View screen on the PC, if the "Sync with camera operations" is set to [Stop Live View] in the [Remote Shooting] tabe in Preferences.

5. Added a function of "In RAW+JPEG mode, only transfer JPEGs to the computer" in remote shooting.

6. Previous models (EOS 30D and EOS Kiss Digital X) are no longer supported. However, it is still possible to connect EU 2.10 with previous models.

7. Windows XP SP2 is no longer supported: If you are using EOS Utility on a PC running Windows XP, it is advisable to update the OS to Service Pack 3 before using the software.

8. Mac OS 10.4 is no longer supported. The Mac OS versions that are supported by this software are Mac OS 10.5 and Mac OS 10.6. (Only the models that are preinstalled with Mac OS 10.5 or Mac OS 10.6 are supported.) Also, this software does not support Mac PCs equipped with PowerPC.

9. Fixes a malfunction with the firmware update function (Mac version). Fixes a malfunction that when updating the camera firmware, EU cannot quit after copying the firmware from a Mac PC to a memory card in the camera through USB connection. (We have confirmed that even if this problem occurs, the camera firmware update has been carried out normally, so the camera can be used as is even after using EOS Utility for the firmware update.)

Canon Picture Style Editor 1.9.0

Support added for EOS Kiss X5/EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D, EOS Kiss X50/EOS REBEL T3/EOS 1100D.

Canon RAW Codec 1.9.0

1. Support added for new models. (EOS REBEL T3i / EOS 600D, EOS REBEL T3 / EOS 1100D)

2. The supported OSes have been changed. Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (with no Service Pack) are no longer supported.

Posted: 4/15/2011 12:28:03 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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