Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.2 RC for CC Now Available

Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.2 Release Candidate for Creative Cloud is now available.

From Adobe:

New Features:

  • The Histogram is now interactive. This enables the ability to click and drag on the Histogram to adjust the Blacks, Shadows, Exposure, Highlights, and Whites slider adjustments.
  • A Color Smoothness adjustment slider has been added to the Detail Panel. This helps to reduce low-frequency color mottling artifacts
  • Separate Auto Temperature and Auto Tint controls, which is accessible via the Shift+Double Click on either the Temperature or Tint adjustment sliders.
  • Workflow presets are now available and can be selected on context-clicking the workflow link.
  • Refinements to the Spot Healing Tool:
  • New Feather control
  • Auto find source method now works better for images with textured areas like rocks, bark, and foliage
  • Auto find source method now prefers source areas within the crop rectangle
  • Refinements to the Local Adjustment Brush:
  • Move brush adjustments by clicking and dragging on brush adjustment pins
  • Right Click (PC) / Control-click (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to bring up a context menu to duplicate or delete
  • Control+Alt+Drag (PC) / Command+Option+Drag (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to clone (duplicate) that adjustment
  • Alt+Click (PC) / Option+Click (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to delete the adjustment

New Cameras Supported

  • Canon EOS 70D (preliminary support)


Why is it no longer required to place the plug-in file in the specified directory on my hard drive?
The Camera Raw update process has grown to include lens profile and camera profile files which are easiest to install via a single installer process instead of updating several different directories manually.

When will the Camera Raw 8.2 for CC release candidate expire?

Will additional camera or lens support be available in the final release?
It is possible that additional cameras or lenses will be supported in the final release.


Camera RAW 8.2 RC Plug-In - Windows (ZIP, 40.6MB) | Macintosh (DMG, 30.2MB)

Posted: 7/31/2013 3:12:31 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
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