Epson Earthquake Update

Update on Epson's Response to Tohoku Area Earthquake
– TOKYO, Japan, March 31, 2011 –
Epson today issued an update on the situation surrounding its employees and businesses in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck the Tohoku area of Japan on March 11. A Disaster Headquarters led by President Minoru Usui has confirmed the following:
1. Epson employees
The company confirmed that although no casualties had been reported among Epson staff as of release time, it was still unable to make contact with one employee. Epson is continuing to make every effort to confirm the employee's safety.
2. Major Epson facilities affected
Epson has a network of more than 40 manufacturing sites located all around the world. Of these, the four plants listed below were affected by the earthquake with all other sites remaining fully operational. Recovery work is underway at the affected plants with the exception of the Epson Toyocom Corporation Fukushima Plant, which is within the 20-km compulsory evacuation zone around the Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station.
(1) Epson Atmix Corporation
(Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture: manufacture of powdered metals, components manufactured with metal injection molding, and artificial quartz)
Epson plans to resume production of components manufactured with metal injection molding and artificial quartz from the start of April. Production facilities and equipment for powdered metals was affected by water in the tsunami, and we plan to resume production at the end of April.
(2) Akita Epson Corporation
(Yuzawa, Akita Prefecture: manufacture of printer components, crystal devices, and ultra-precision components)
We resumed production of all product lines on March 22. We will continue production while constantly assessing the power and fuel supply situation.
(3) Seiko Epson Corporation Sakata Plant and Tohoku Epson Corporation
(Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture: manufacture of inkjet printer components and semiconductors)
We resumed production of inkjet printer components and partial production of semiconductors on March 28. We will continue production while constantly assessing the power and materials procurement situation.
(4) Epson Toyocom Corporation Fukushima Plant
(Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture: manufacture of crystal devices)
This plant has been closed indefinitely.
3. Impact on other businesses
Production may be affected by issues relating to procuring certain components. Epson is now looking to minimize the impact by procuring alternative components and making technical adjustments.
4. Impact on business results
Epson is presently assessing the impact of damage caused by the earthquake and the subsequent effect on the full-year consolidated financial results (year ending March 31, 2011). The company will issue a timely disclosure release as and when it becomes necessary.
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