Announcing a Change

One of my jobs here is to make sure that we have the funding necessary to continue producing this site for you. Another is to find and recommend the best deals for you. Along with a great price, my definition of a good deal includes a reliable retailer with great customer service.

Adorama has emphasized again and again how much they like the site and you, our site's family. And to this point, they are making a significant commitment to all of us. While Adorama's support is going to be critical to our ongoing operations here, it is with great confidence that I direct you back to them via "BUY" buttons and other links on this site. I have personally trusted Adorama for far over $100,000 worth of gear purchases in the last 4+ years and I fully trust them to take care of your needs equally well. Adorama is a great company to work with.

Why Adorama?

  • Lowest prices on a vast product selection combined with great reliability and great customer service
  • Free shipping on a huge list of items
  • Generous 30 Day Return policy
  • Order by 8:00 PM EDT and in stock items ship on the same day
  • Shipping is out of New Jersey - this means 1 day faster delivery for most of us - and next day delivery for many of us
  • Earn a 2% Reward for many items (this really adds up on camera and lens purchases)
  • FREE bonus to readers of this site: VIP Program with Extended Warranty! (details to follow)
  • Deals created exclusively for us
  • Shipping to over 200 countries, Adorama probably ships to you

Your Support Is Necessary

Many of you know this, but it takes an incredible amount of time (and money) to keep this site running (Monday was an 18 hour day for me, I'll log about 14 hours today (Tuesday)). Even with Sean and Doug working full time, I typically spend 60 - 80 hours a week working on this site which of course leaves no extra time for other income-producing work to feed the kids. My family (Sean and Doug's also) relies completely on this site and those supporting it for our financial needs. I humbly request your support by making your purchases at Adorama through the links provided on this site. I give you a hearty "Thanks!" for supporting us and I promise to continue bringing you the best camera and gear information I am able to deliver.

Go visit Adorama.

Posted: 7/3/2013 12:00:00 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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