Metz Flashes Now Updateable Via Mac OS

Zirndorf, 02/2011
Forever compatible thanks to Mac updates
Advanced update function for flash devices
Metz flash devices can be consistently updated via software update, ensuring they stay compatible with the latest camera models – even after purchase. Software updates, which are available on the Metz homepage, can be downloaded in a flash via the integrated USB interface on the 58 AF-1 digital, 58 AF-2 digital, 48 AF-1 digital, 50 AF-1 digital, 44 AF-1 digital and 15 MS-1 digital models. Until now, updates have only been available via computers with Windows, however software updates are now also possible via Apple computers. Mac OS-X 10.6 is currently the basic operating requirement.
New software updates ready to go
The latest software updates have been available on the Metz homepage since February. The update-compliant Metz mecablitz devices are fully compatible with the following models: Sony Alpha 580, Sony Alpha 55, Sony Alpha 33, Pentax K - r and Pentax K - 5 – with immediate effect.
Multifaceted special functions
Metz flash devices are tailored specifically to individual camera models and work with them in perfect synchronicity. This means that practically all current camera models made by different manufacturers can be used without limitation. Over and above this, some Metz flash devices even offer functions which exceed the functionality of the original equipment. The mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital, for example, is equipped with an innovative secondary reflector, servo mode and an integrated interface for USB updates.
Service and tradition – Made in Germany
Metz has been consistently engineering and manufacturing flash devices at its location in Germany for over 59 years. The Metz range of flash devices extends from the high-performance mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital system flash to professional handheld flash guns and slave flash devices such as the mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital. The company, with its long-standing tradition, provides high quality products, Made in Germany, and is the only full range supplier of flash devices worldwide.
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