Should I Get the Canon EOS R100 or M50 Mark II?

It is always interesting to compare a camera to its predecessor, and the Canon EOS M50 Mark II gets that distinction for the Canon EOS R100. The R100 is shown to the left of the M50 II in the image above.

Here is the EOS R100 vs. M50 Mark II specification comparison. Also available is the complete visual comparison of these cameras.

What are the differences between the Canon EOS R100 and the M50 II? Here are the R100's advantages:

  • RF mount and compatibility with RF lenses
  • 3 years newer (but same imaging sensor and processing engine, ported OS)
  • Built-in flash rated to 6 GN vs. 5
  • USB Type-C vs. Micro-B
  • LP-E17 Battery vs. LP-E12, 320 shots vs. 250 (EVF), 400 vs. 305 (LCD)
  • Slightly smaller: 4.6 × 3.4 × 2.7" vs. 4.6 x 3.5 x 2.3" (116.3 x 85.5 x 68.8mm vs. 116.3 x 88.1 x 58.7mm)
  • Slightly lighter: 12.6 vs. 13.7 oz (356 vs. 387g)
  • Noticeably less expensive

Here are the M50 II's advantages:

  • Vari-Angle, Touchscreen LCD
  • Touch and Drag AF
  • 10 fps without AF for up 10 RAW images vs. 6.5 fps for 6 fps
  • 7.4 fps with AF vs. 3.5 fps
  • Compatibility with EF-M lenses (small number of options)

Mostly, the R100 is the M50 II updated with an RF mount. Some continuous shooting speed and the Vari-Angle touchscreen were omitted, but the R100 is less expensive.

As always, send me a message if I missed a relevant difference.

Posted: 6/2/2023 10:43:18 AM ET   Posted By: Bryan
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