Manfrotto Adds Covers and Kits for the EzyFrame Background System

New EzyFrame Background 2m x 2.3m (6.5’ x 7.5’)
additional vintage covers and kits

Manfrotto, the world’s leading manufacturer of photography, video and cinema production equipment announces the launch of six new Vintage style Covers and Kits for the EzyFrame Background System.

These six new background surfaces have already proven extremely popular in our collapsible background collection and are favoured by image makers the world over for achieving a fashionable, hand painted vintage look that subtly complement the chosen subject in a truly portable solution.

These textures are inspired by this popular choice of background style and take influence from classic and present trends within the fashion, beauty and portraiture industry. They feature six fresh colours with a characteristic classic design and feel, which complement the existing range: Tobacco, Olive, Smoke and Concrete perfectly. Meaning there are now a total of ten beautiful surfaces to choose from in the highly innovative EzyFrame Background system.

The 2m x 2.3m (6.5’ x 7.5’) EzyFrame Background is a large format collapsible background system offering a much larger shooting area than our 5’ x 7’ collapsible ‘pop-up’ style backgrounds. The extra width and height combined with the squarer format offers an increased surface area of over 46% allowing the content creator to pose multiple subjects and use large props. Ideal for family portraits, more animated action poses, fashion and commercial shoots.

The Ezyframe Vintage Background features the tried and tested rapid assembly aluminium frame and clip on cover design used on our highly successful Skylite and ProScrim light control kits, Panoramic and Chroma Key FX Backgrounds and StudioLink Chroma Key solutions. Assembled in a matter of minutes the frame and cover packs down into a small rigid carry case measuring only 103cm x 19cm x 14cm (40.5” x 7.4” x 5.5”) making it extremely portable.

The EzyFrame Vintage Background covers include a small 15cm (6”) skirt along the bottom edge that conceals the aluminium frame and allows the user to combine the background with their chosen floor surface when shooting full length images. The background can be supported directly against a wall or freestanding using a light stand with a Manfrotto Griphead (LL LA8446). The EzyFrame Vintage Background is also compatible with the Manfrotto Aluminium Frame Support Kit (LL LA8450).

The backgrounds are available as kits which include frame, cover and carry case or ‘covers only’ for users looking to interchange different surfaces on the same frame.

Item numberItem descriptionPrice
LL LB7922EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Ink$458.99
LL LB7923EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Ink$274.99
LL LB7932EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Sage$458.99
LL LB7933EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Sage$274.99
LL LB7934EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Walnut$458.99
LL LB7935EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Walnut$274.99
LL LB7936EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Pewter$458.99
LL LB7937EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Pewter$274.99
LL LB7938EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Aubergine$458.99
LL LB7939EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Aubergine$275.99
LL LB7940EzyFrame Vintage Background 2 x 2.3m Crimson$458.99
LL LB7941EzyFrame Vintage Background Cover 2 x 2.3m Crimson$274.99


Order Manfrotto EzyFrame Background from B&H.

Posted: 10/5/2021 8:29:51 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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