Your Canon EOS R5 and Other New Gear Order Strategy

We haven't seen a camera garner as much pre-release attention as the EOS R5 in a very long time. While we know this camera is coming soon, we do not yet know when, and we do not know what the initial supply volume will be. Hopefully, R5 cameras hit the market in sufficient quantity to become readily available. However, especially with the recent worldwide events, the R5 making it into retailer inventory seems very unlikely, and it may be a very long time until supply meets the initial preorder demand. Yes, I expect to see EOS R5 cameras selling for a premium on eBay.
The Recommended Strategy for Getting an R5
The key to getting an R5 and the other same-time-introduced models as early as possible is simple: get in front of the line. When preorders begin, preorder everything you think you might want immediately. Order first, and sort everything out later. It is easy to cancel a preorder, but it is nearly impossible to move up in the preorder line.
Please remember that it is crucial for you to use the links on the site to place your EOS R5 and other gear orders. We've never needed your support more than now, and such orders are what keeps this site going.
Unusual is that we can provide the preorder links for the EOS R5 before the camera announcement.
The Canon EOS R5 will be available for preorder here: B&H | Adorama
Again, it is very important that you use these links immediately before adding the items to your cart and placing the order. We will share the official product announcement as soon as it is made. You can bookmark this post or use the links we will provide in the product announcement posts.
Here is what we know about the Canon EOS R5.
Posted: 6/25/2020 8:28:15 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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