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When considering the purchase of a new lens, it is often helpful to look at your previous images and find out which cameras, focal lengths, apertures and ISO settings have been utilized most often when capturing your images.

PixStics is an online EXIF analyzer that utilizes HTML5 (available in Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome browsers) to gather information about your images and display the results in a statistical based graph. It can be a valuable tool in spotting trends in your own shooting style and providing valuable information when determining how useful a new lens will be.

From the PixStics website:

PixStics is designed to answer most of the commons questions you may have about what camera settings and equipment you use the most and how that relates to buying new gear or improving your technique. It does this by providing a statistical based graph comparing any combination of one or two properties from the list provided.

PixStics pulls its data from the EXIF data stored in your JPEG image files. Simply drag and drop your pictures onto the drop zone above. Results are cumulative so if you drag one set of pictures and then add some others then it will show you the statistics based off of all the selected images. If you want to start over you can refresh the page or click the "Empty EXIF Data" button. At no time is any data uploaded to the server (unless you decide to download a pdf,png,svg or jpeg representation of the chart). Everything runs on your computer using Javascript. In fact, you can even bookmark this page and access it even when you don't have an Internet connection (great for those long flights where you have nothing better to do than think about what gear you want to buy next).

PixStics makes use of HTML5 methods that are not available in all browsers. Both Chrome and Firefox support these methods and IE 10 will work once it's released as well. If the JPEG you select doesn't contain any EXIF data it will be skipped. If none of the files contain valid data then you won't get any valid results.

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