Get Your B&H Orders Placed ASAP!

B&H will be closed for one day this week but much more impacting will be their closure during the following two weeks. Plan ahead — place your orders ASAP!
SuperStore & Offices
B&H will be closed Tue Oct 8 through Wed Oct 9. We will reopen at 9am Thu Oct 10.
Online Orders
Checkout will be unavailable from 6:15pm ET Tue Oct 8 until 7:45pm Wed Oct 9.
Any orders placed after 6:15pm ET Mon Oct 7 will be processed after we reopen on Thu Oct 10.
Buy Online – Pickup in Store
Store Pickup orders placed before 7:30pm Mon-Thu will be available for pickup within 30 minutes until 8pm, same day. Orders placed after 8pm will be available the next day at 8am, Mon-Fri (Sun at 10am).
Place your B&H now. We are grateful for your support of this site by using our links to place your order (for anything)!
Posted: 10/8/2019 9:45:34 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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