I Changed My Canon EOS DSLR's Standard Custom Mode Settings

One or more of your camera's custom mode settings is your most-frequently-used mode, right? If not, you will probably find the Custom Shooting Modes and How Bryan Configures "C" Modes article useful.
If you've already read that page, I'll share the reason for my update:
Until recently, I reserved my camera's Custom Mode 3 for use in whatever unique situation I happen to be in. But, I've come to the conclusion that "Wildlife" is the pursuit that my Custom Mode 3 was most-frequently programmed for. In addition, after some experimenting while photographing elk in Rocky Mountain National Park last week, I determined that AF Case 4 (better accommodating erratically moving subjects) produced a better AI Servo AF experience for this type of photography than the case I most often used, Case 1 (optimized for general purpose needs). For the combination of those two reasons, I now reserve Custom Mode 3 for my most-frequently-used wildlife photography settings.
I should note that, because I am most often using a single AF point with the surrounding AF points in assist mode (not using the AF point auto switching feature), AF Case 6 should produce identical results to AF Case 4. And, AF Case 3, with an even slightly higher tracking sensitivity, stands to be another good AF Case option for wildlife photography.
If you are not using custom modes, and your camera has at least one of them available, consider learning to use this most-useful position on the mode dial.
More details here: Custom Shooting Modes and How Bryan Configures "C" Modes
Posted: 10/4/2017 8:34:34 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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