Orlit Introduces Radio-Enabled (RT Compatible), Battery-Powered Monolight System with TTL and HSS

From Adorama Learning Center:

Orlit, a new flash and strobe manfuacturer, has burst onto the market with a 600ws wireless TTL monolight, a powerful new Canon-compatible TTL shoe-mounted flash, and TTL wireless recievers and transcievers. The new products are priced to compete with name-brand models while offering a full set of features.

Orlit Rovelight RT 610

A TTL wireless monolight with 600ws of power, the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 is compatible with Canon’s RT/ETTL and Nikon’s iTTL wireless flash control systems. With a guide number of 201 (ft at ISO 100), and manual levels from 1/256 to full power in 1/10-stop increments, the flash is poised to rival its top competitors. A stop-action “Freeze Mode” reduces flash duration to 1/19000th of a second. And to eliminate wires, the unit is powered by a 6000mAh Li-ion interchangeable battery rated to 450 full-power pops.

Key Features

  • 600Ws
  • 201GN (ISO 100 ft)
  • No AC power cords
  • 20W LED modeling light
  • 2.4Ghz RT Radio System with full Canon RT Wireless Control
  • Canon ETTL, Nikon iTTL radio slave modes
  • EV TTL override adjustment to +/-3EV
  • Bowens S-Type accessory mount
  • Max. 2.5-sec recycle time
  • Flash duration 1/800-1/19000 second
  • Wireless range to 980 feet

For Canon RT TTL users, this is the only 600ws option available with full compatibility, and can be used in concert with both Canon and Nikon TTL flashes with full remote TTL operation via the Orlit TR-C11C or 612-N remote. It has 5 Groups in 15 Channels, and a special GR Mode where each member of the group can be independently set to mix of Manual or TTL automation. The use of the Orlit TR-611C or 612-N remote adds 980ft/300m remote freedom without a speedlight to provide full TTL / Remote Manual / HSS, in 3 individual groups, with backward compatibility to legacy Flashpoint Rovelight and the above mentioned HSS link to Canon and Nikon cameras.

The Orlit Rovelight RT 610’s features a large, clear, full-color LCD display, a simplified menu system, and a generous power and function control dial with soft menu touch control buttons for all options. Future technologies and camera sync are firmware can be updated through the USB port. The radio modes are 4: C-Canon, N-Nikon, TRS-Flashpoint Rovelight (in Manual), and A6-HSS function for Nikon or Canon.

HSS Mode allows shutter speeds up to 1/8000 by pulsing its light between the quickest focal plane shutter gate. The monolight can regulate flash duration (t0.5), by means of the manual output, from a rich 1/800s to an action arresting 1/8000s. To really capture a split-second event, the Freeze Mode achieves an additional reach to just 1/19000s while still at a color-balanced 5500 degree Kelvin.

Other features include a 20-watt LED modeling lamp (100-watt equivalent) with a 3200k color temperature.

The Orlit Rovelight RT 610 is available for $699.95 from Adorama.

Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite for Canon

Designed to compete with top-line shoe-mount flashes for Canon’s TTL system, the Orlit RT-600C is a powerful flash designed for professional Canon photographers who need portable wirless flash. It is fully compatible with the Canon RT radio and optical systems. It can act as a master or slave unite for remote power control, and blasts a guide-number of 160 (ft at ISO 100, 200mm). It can work in concert with the Orlit Rovelight 610 RT as a powerful mobile lighting combination.

Key Features

  • GN 182 ft @ ISO 100 at 200mm
  • High shutter speed 1/8000
  • 1st/2nd Curtain sync
  • Manual flash from 1/128-1/1 output
  • 2.4GHz RT radio master/slave
  • Custom functions
  • LCD back light
  • 15 Radio channels
  • Tilt/swivel head
  • Bounce card, w/a diffuser
  • uilt-in color sensor for gel balance

The Orlit 600RT provides full ETTL-RT / Remote Manual / HSS, just like a Canon flash, with 5 Groups in 15 Channels, and a special GR Mode where each member of the group can be independently set to mix of Manual or TTL automation. The wireless modes are Canon RT radio and Canon ETTL IR for master or slave use. An Auto Exposure sensor located on the front of the flash, provides a non TTL option for “Ext.A” and “Ext.M” flash metering mode, preferred by many professionals.

The flash provides both ETTL and manual control as well as 2 optical slave modes and a stroboscopic mode. The metal shoe has a locking pin to prevent falls and breakage, and the control layout will be instantly familiar to Canon Speedlite users. The flash head rotates 180 degrees and tilts over 90 degrees for bounce flash. The head zooms automatically or manually from 20-200mm, and a built-in diffuser expands that range to 14mm. There’s a built-in holder for color gels and gel color temperature sensors that automatically adjust white-balance in camera.

The Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite for Canon is available for $169.95 from Adorama.

Orlit TR-611C and 611N TTL Transceiver

Orlit also announced its TR-611 transceiver in Nikon and Canon-compatible versions. The TTL transceivers are designed to add 980 feet of remote operation without a speedlight to provide full TTL to Nikon and Canon’s respective systems. The TR-611C is backward compatible with the Flashpoint Rovelight. The TR-611N is compatible with Nikon’s CLS wireless system.

The Orlit TR-611C TTL and Orlit TR-611N are available from Adorama for $69.95.

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