CDLC Presents "An inside look at Spot AF"

From the Canon Digital Learning Center:
"Since its introduction in the original EOS 7D back in 2009, most high-end Canon EOS DSLRs have offered the ability to reduce the size of an AF point. Spot AF, as it’s called, reduces the size of the AF sampling area at the AF sensor and means that AF can be performed on a more isolated part of a subject or scene. Examples of this might include being able to focus right on the eye that’s closest to the camera in a tight portrait, or on a small drop of water or dew on a flower in a macro shot.
We’ll explore this useful focus option in this article, highlighting strong points like those listed above, as well as its limits and when it may not be the optimal choice."
Check out the entire article on the Canon Digital Learning Center.
Cameras Featuring Spot AF
Posted: 12/8/2014 9:55:55 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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