Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Here at, we enjoy the holidays almost as much as we enjoy photography and camera gear (ok, maybe more). As such, we've compiled a list of gift ideas for the special photographer in your life.

Gifts Under $75.00

Gaffer's Tape - I've used this stuff in at least 100 different ways. It sticks well and stays put for a good period of time, but it's also easy to pull off when needed (and does not leave behind a residue). No photographer should be without a roll (or two). (Price varies)

BlackRapid LensBling - These custom rear lens caps allow a photographer to quickly and easily identify his/her lenses upon opening the camera bag. Plus they just look cool! ($8.50)

Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool - This handy little device can help a photographer keep his sensor clean. ($8.85 - $9.95)

Lens Coffee Thermo Cup - For the photographers who love coffee (isn't that all of us?!), there's a coffee delivery device just for them. ($19.95 - $29.95)

Westcott Umbrella - Collapsible, Optical White Satin - 43" - One of the most basic and inexpensive lighting modifiers out there, this umbrella is very compact when closed making it a must-have travel companion. ($20.50)

Canon Center-Pinch Lens Caps - We're extremely happy with Canon's decision to redesign their lens caps. The new center-pinch style is extremely easy to put on and remove even with a lens hood in place. If your friend or loved one has the older style lens caps, you may want to grab a couple for stocking stuffers. Check the Lens Specifications Tool to ensure you get the right size. ($7.00 - $14.95)

ExpoImaging Rogue FlashBender (Large) - I purchased one of these about a year ago and it's seen a lot of use since then. It's great for improving the look of on-camera flash and especially useful for events with relatively low ceilings. ($39.95)

Vello Shutterboss Version II - This is very similar to Canon's TC-80N3 Timer Remote Control but significantly less expensive. This is a great tool for capturing time lapses and long exposures. ($49.95)

Canon Speedlite 90EX Flash (White Box) - This little gem is a really inexpensive way to add master flash capability to a full-frame camera. It's small, lightweight and light on your wallet. ($59.49)

BlackRapid RS-Sport Extreme - This is by far my (Sean's) favorite and most-used camera strap. The strap shoulder pad is a little thinner yet more comfortable on the RS-Sport compared to the traditional RS-4, and the included underarm brad keeps the shoulder strap in place. This is a great gift for those who carry their camera for hours at a time. ($73.95)

Camera Batteries - There's nothing more frustrating than missing photographic opportunities because of running out of battery power. Camera batteries run out even more quickly in cold weather, so an extra battery or two might be just what your special photographer needs while shooting this winter. (Price varies)

CompactFlash and SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards - Along the same lines as battery power, memory is another thing you never want to run out of when a camera is in-hand. While you could spend up to $899.00 for a single memory card, more reasonable options below the $75.00 threshold are plentiful. (Price varies)

Gifts $75.00 - $150.00

Manual Radio Triggers - I'm grouping all of these together because they all fall in near this price point (although some are below). These are great for triggering your flash off-camera or for triggering your camera from insane distances away. Granted, you'll need more than one of these units in order to do anything with them - but an extra one of these can be very handy if your photographer in your life is already invested in one of these systems.

Manual Radio Trigger Recommendations

Kenko Extension Tube Set (review) - These nifty little extension tubes are a great introduction to macro photography without having to buy a dedicated macro lens. ($139.00 for Canon set)

UV, Circular Polarizing or Neutral Density Filter - A good set of filters is something no photographer should be without. And while you can spend less (or much more), this price range is a good starting point for high quality filters. (Price varies)

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens- Canon's first pancake, this full-frame compatible lens impressed us with its image quality and diminutive size. It's excellent as a backup lens or as an inexpensive introduction to prime lenses for beginners. ($149.00 after $50.0 mail-in rebate)

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens - The EF 40mm f/2.8 STM's crop-sensor little brother is compact, easy to pack, inexpensive, and an especially good choice for anyone who owns a camera with a Dual Pixel sensor (EOS 70D, 7D Mark II).

Gifts $150.00 - $500.00

PocketWizard / MiniTT1 - The FlexTT5 is PocketWizards best, most full-featured radio transceiver. It features ETTL-control, high speed and HyperSync technology, and can even trigger your camera when needed. The MiniTT1 is a companion to the FlexTT5, but is meant to be used on-camera as a triggering device (not a transceiver). (FlexTT5 - $229.00, MiniTT1 - $174.00)

Canon Speedlite 430EX II (review) - The 430EX II is the 600EX-RT's little brother. It lacks radio triggering technology and costs significantly less than its big brother, making Canon's mid-range flash an excellent value. ($249.00 after $50.00 instant savings)

Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT (review) - The 600EX-RT is Canon's most powerful, full-featured flash with radio triggering technology built-in. A flash is an essential tool to have in the gear bag; even if your photographer already has one, having two or three flashes allows for endless creative possibilities. ($499.00 after $50.00 instant savings)

Oben BC-139 Ball Head (review) - The Oben BC-139 is an excellent value when it comes to camera supports. Featuring an industry standard Arca-Swiss quick-release clamp, a buttery smooth panning rotation, and a 39.6 lb load rating, the Oben would be an excellent, budget-friendly gift which just about any photographer could appreciate. ($164.95)

Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 (review) - Both Bryan's and my favorite ball head, the Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1 has a max load rating of 130 lbs and is built for professional use (and abuse). ($387.00)

Ewa-Marine U-B Underwater Housing (review) - Allowing for underwater use, the Ewa-Marine U-B Underwater Housing can protect a DSLR to a depth of 60'. This is a great gift for the photographer who loves the ocean and/or sea life. (Price varies)

Battery Grip - Want to give the photographer in your life hours of shooting without having to change batteries? A battery grip is the answer. A battery grip doubles the amount of battery power at your disposal and also allows for much more comfortable vertically-oriented shooting with duplicate controls. (price varies; 60D and Rebel grips are less than $150.00)

Canon Battery Grips

Camera Bag - If the photographer in your life's gear bag is bursting at the seams, a new gear bag may be the answer! (price varies)

Recommended Camera Bags

Gifts Over $500.00

DSLR Camera - It all starts here. Which camera body is right for the special photographer in your life?

  • Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (review) - Canon's smallest and lightest DSLR would be a great gift for anyone who feels burdened by standard-sized DSLRs but doesn't want to compromise on high image quality. This is a great starter DSLR for anyone wanting to step up from a point-and-shoot camera. ($549.00 with kit lens after instant rebate)
  • Canon EOS Rebel T5i (review) - Canon's top-of-the-line Rebel is easy to use, full featured and very affordable. This camera is great for anyone stepping up from a point-and-shoot camera who doesn't mind the bulk of a traditionally sized DSLR. ($649.00 with kit lens after $200.00 instant rebate)
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II (review) - Canon's newest and best APS-C sensor camera would be an excellent addition to just about any sports photogopher's kit (assuming they don't already have a 1D X). This would be an excellent primary camera for anyone stepping up from a Rebel or xxD series camera, and it would be a great second camera for anyone currently using a 5D Mark III. ($1,799.00)
  • Canon EOS 6D (review) - If a photographer is wanting to upgrade from a crop-sensor camera, the full-frame EOS 6D is Canon's budget-friendly introduction to full-frame photography. ($1,599.00 after $300.00 mail-in rebate)
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III (review) - Sporting Canon's largest full-frame sensor and an AF system almost identical to the 1D X, the 5D Mark III has become the defacto standard in full-frame cameras. With excellent image quality, great high ISO performance, and a solid build quality, this is an excellent and versatile workhorse camera that anyone would love to find gift wrapped. ($3,099.00 after $300.00 mail-in rebate)

Lenses - Photographers love looking at the world through different lenses. Each lens offers something unique in its feature set that inspires creativity or enables the photographer to capture his or her specific vision.

Lens Recommendations

And if you can't figure out the perfect gift, have no fear – a B&H Gift Card may be the perfect gift for anyone!

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