Am I Excited About the New Canon EOS-1D X? Or, Where are the pixels?

In my Dec 23, 2010 What I Want From Canon for Christmas post, I requested a 1Ds Mark IV with "... the latest DSLR features (horizon level, better LCD, HD video ...) to be added to it. Increase the resolution and frame rate too."
As the dust settles on the big Canon EOS-1D X announcement, I am getting asked the question "Are you excited about the new Canon EOS-1D X?" The ONLY reason I am being asked is because the 1D X has fewer pixels than the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III it replaces.
I have personally chosen the 1Ds III over the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV as my primary camera because of the full frame sensor format and higher resolution. Otherwise, I consider the 1D IV a better camera overall.
So, the 1D X retains the full frame sensor I strongly want but gives up 3mp of resolution. And yes, I will probably be able to notice that difference. Here is an example (use the mouseover feature) of what this difference is going to look like - though the 1D X should be considerably sharper than the 60D. But the reality is, that at this resolution, 3mp is not a great amount. And the quality of the pixels matter. With the promise of impressive pixel-level image quality, the trade-off may be even less than it first appears. Again, reference the difference in pixel-level image quality between the 1Ds III and the 60D in the example provided.
So, even if I don't gain resolution by upgrading to the 1D X, I do not expect to lose anything of significance in this regard. Looking at the additional features I gain makes it easy to say that March will be a long wait for me and that at least one 1D X will definitely become part of my kit.
I am simply drooling over the 12fps frame rate. Better LCD, incredibly high ISO settings, improved self-cleaning sensor, new AF system, built-in level, better auto white balance, HD video ... the entire list of feature improvements is huge. The significanly-lower-than-the-1Ds-III's-market-entry-price-tag is also greatly appreciated (the 1Ds III was $8,000).
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Perhaps the 5D Mark III will get the megapixels? My expectation for the 1Ds III replacement to precede the Canon EOS 5D Mark III appears to be coming true. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is an incredible camera for the price and continues to be great seller. My expectation [a guess] is for Canon to continue the 5D product line in some form and an EOS 5D Mark III, based on history, could very well be their 5D model line upgrade choice. I could see Canon making this camera an ultra-high resolution model. Perhaps with an articulating LCD?
When will a Canon EOS 5D Mark III or equivalent be announced? I have no idea. Canon does not share this information without an NDA - and I am not currently under such an NDA for this product, so please don't ask. :) Basing purchase decisions on rumors can mean a VERY long wait for a product to become available - if it ever becomes available at all.
Buy your gear when you need/want it is the advice I usually give.
Canon EOS-1D X Preorders
My guess is that the Canon EOS-1D X will be hard to get for months after it first hits the shelves. Preordering will be the best option for getting one of these cameras early.
At this time, I have not found any preorder opportunities for the 1D X. Perhaps the "estimated retail price" [Canon USA press release] and long delivery time may be holding retailers back from committing to deliver this camera for a specific price (some were burned on price in the last rounds of super telephoto lens preorders).
Continue to follow this news page to be notified of Canon EOS-1D X preorder opportunities.
Posted: 10/19/2011 2:24:18 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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