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 Saturday, October 15, 2011
CPN (Canon Professional Network) has introduced a new homepage design and has made German, Spanish, French and Italian translations of the site available.
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Post Date: 10/15/2011 8:59:32 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, October 14, 2011
Ralf in Germany has informed me that there have been a rash of thefts from photography gear rental companies in the Netherlands and Germany.
"The 10th case happened here in Karlsruhe one week ago." PPL (Pro Photo Logistik -, was the latest victim.
Here is the gear list from the PPL heist along with serial numbers. It is not likely that the theives plan to use this gear themselves, so please be vigilant in checking any used gear you are considering the purchase of.
1 Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body 230112319
2 Canon LP-E6
3 Canon BG-E6
4 Canon EOS 5D Mark II Set EF 24-105 230112536/1594738
5 Canon EF 17-40mm / 4,0 L USM
6 Canon Speedlite 320 EX
6 Canon EOS-1 Ds Mk II
8 Canon EF 16-35mm / 2,8L II USM 814171
9 Canon EF 24-70mm / 2,8 L USM 283051
10 Canon EF 24-70mm / 2,8 L USM 188604
11 Canon EF 70-200mm / 2,8 L IS II USM 161498
12 Canon EF 100mm / 2,8 Macro L IS USM 1703130
13 Canon EF 100-400mm/4,5-5,6 L IS USM 497300
14 Canon EF 28-300mm 3,5-5,6 L IS USM 20920
15 Canon EF 50mm / 1,2 L USM 713383
16 Canon EF 85 mm / 1,2 II L USM 45790
17 Canon EF 400mm / 4,0 DO IS USM 3769
18 Canon Eztender EF 1,4x III 7300002257
19 Canon Eztender EF 2x III
20 Canon TS-E 17mm/4 L Tilt/Shift 32527
21 Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 L II Tilt/Shift 12323
22 Canon TS-E 45mm/2,8 12009
23 Canon EF-S 17-85mm /4,0-5,6 IS USM 32122728
24 Canon EF 70-200mm / 4,0 L USM 372050
25 Canon Speedlite 580EX II
26 Schneider PC-TS 4,5/90mm - Canon EOS 1064382
27 Nikon D700 2291901
28 Nikon MB-D10
29 Nikon SB-900
30 Nikon AF-S 14-24mm/2.8G ED 261349
31 Nikon AF-S 24-70mm/2.8G ED 457473
32 Nikon AF-S 24-70mm/2.8G ED 402412
33 Nikon AF-S 70-200mm/2,8 G ED VR II 20004955
34 Nikon AF-S 300mm/2,8 G VR II D IF-ED 200557
35 Nikon PC-E 85mm/2,8 D ED 202450
36 Carl Zeiss ZF Distagon T* 2.8/21mm 15736005
37 Carl Zeiss ZF.2 Planar T* 1.4/85mm 15777013
38 Carl Zeiss ZE Planar T* 1.4/50mm 15853446
39 Carl Zeiss ZE Makro-Planar T* 2.0/100mm 15837502
40 Hasselblad HCD 4-5.6/35-90 mm 7MSE10816
41 Hasselblad HC 3.5-4.5/50-110 mm 7GSx 16519
42 Hasselblad HCD 4/28 mm 7LSE13273
43 Hasselblad HC 3.5/35 mm 7AST13987
44 Hasselblad HC 2.8/80 mm 7CSU21614
45 Hasselblad HC 4.0/120mm Macro II 7EVV20240
46 Hasselblad HC 3.2/150 mm 7FSI11964
47 Hasselblad HC 4/210 mm 7HSP10098
48 Hasselblad HC 4.5/300 mm 7+VS11505
49 Hasselblad onXerter H 1.7 7ISE10774
50 Sekonic Dualmaster L 558 Cine
51 Hasselblad 555 ELD Body, Sucher,A12 12SV11072
52 Maga in A12
53 Planar Tp 2,8/80mm 8862962
54 Tessar CB 4,8/160mm 8164808
55 Hasselblad H1 Maga in 16/32
56 Hasselblad H2 Body, Sucher, Maga in 70SP10499
57 Sony HDx F HDTV Camcorder 1241078-9
58 Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Body
59 Canon EOS-1 Ds Mk II Body
Post Date: 10/14/2011 3:01:14 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Late last night, while preparing to backup my work from the day, I inadvertently deleted file folders from the source drive instead of the destination drive. Make no mistake - this was a stupid move - done in a tired state of mind. But stupid happens. :)
I had a backup from the previous night, but ... restoring from that backup would would mean that a long day of work was completely lost. As thoughts of the movie "Groundhog Day" were going through my mind, I turned to Piriform Recuva File Recovery software (for Windows).
I loaded the free version of Recuva, selected my undelete-from drive, created a filename filter (*.jpg|*.cr2 in this case) and the software went to work. I was presented a list of the filter-matching files able to be restored. I selected the files I wanted restored (click on the first, shift-click on the last and press the space bar), selected the restore-to drive (never the same as the undelete-from drive) and Recuva restored 100% of my just-deleted files. As I had not written any more files to this drive, Recuva was able to completely restore my day's work.
File recovery software should be part of any serious photographer's kit. Piriform Recuva is one such application. SanDisk and Lexar typically ship photo-specific recovery software with their pro-grade memory cards. And I know that many more options are available - with some being more feature-filled than others.
The free version of Recuva includes a filename filter feature that was important to me for this recovery as I needed recover about 1,100 files out of the 106,000 files able to be restored from the drive. I keep the Recuva setup program and the Lexar and SanDisk equivalents on my always-with-me external drive for installation whenever needed.
Post Date: 10/14/2011 10:36:39 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Sample pictures have been added to the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye Lens Review.
Be sure to read the comments under each picture for more information.
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Post Date: 10/14/2011 9:59:44 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, October 13, 2011
The Tokina 17-35mm f/4 AT-X Pro FX Lens was formally announced today via a press release.
Adorama has had the Tokina 17-35mm f/4 AT-X Pro FX Lens in stock for over a week.
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Post Date: 10/13/2011 8:48:48 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Jill-e Designs press release:
Go Anywhere, Do Anything with Jill-e Designs Everywear Gadget Bag
ORLANDO, October 5, 2011
Newest Addition to Classic Collection 'Looks Like a Purse, But It’s So Much More'
Jill-e Designs, the leading maker of sturdy, stylish camera and carry bags for today’s technology-rich, on-the-go lifestyle, has come up with something entirely new: The Everywear Gadget Bag – a sassy blend of purse-like features and camera bag capabilities that’s the newest addition to the company’s quality Classic Collection.
The Everywear Gadget Bag has the dimensions of a typical purse – 12.0"L x 7.0"W x 10.0"H – and is equipped with dual 9.5” drop leather carrying handles. But inside it features pro-quality padding and dividers, with room for a DSLR camera body, two lenses and a flash unit – plus photo accessories and personal items. There’s also a protective sleeve pocket to secure a tablet, e-reader or similar device.
“Our new Everywear Gadget Bag looks like a purse, but it’s so much more – and that’s the idea,” said Gail Backal, president and co-founder of Jill-e Designs. “Wherever you go, whatever you do, no matter what you want to take with you, you can do it all with the Everywear Gadget Bag.”
Available in stylish nougat or black microfiber with rich leather handles and trim, the Everywear Gadget Bag features multiple pockets, pouches and compartments to securely hold all your lifestyle essentials from a pen and a pair of glasses, to an iPad and a complete DSLR camera set-up. Its quality design is strong on convenience, easy access, and head-turning good looks.
The New Everywear Gadget Bag features:
• Stylish, high-quality, weather-resistant nylon exterior
• Durable top-grain leather accent trim
• Dual 9.5” drop leather carrying handles for great control, comfortable grip
• Quality top zipper guards entry, makes access to your belongings easy
• Padded exterior walls and internal dividers organize and protect your gear
• Protective sleeve pocket is perfect for iPad, e-reader or similar device
• Multiple internal and external pockets for all your lifestyle essentials Task-specific and hideaway pouches for pens, glasses, personal items
• Exterior wipes clean with a damp cloth
• Maximum weight capacity: 15.0 lbs.
• Dimensions: (LxWxH) 12.0" x 7.0" x 10.0"
• Weight: 1 lb., 5 oz.
• Suggested price: $99.99
The Everywear Gadget Bag is currently available for purchase worldwide on the Jill-e Designs web site and at popular retailers, photo specialty shops and online stores.
B&H carries the Jill-e Designs Everywear Gadget Bag.
Post Date: 10/13/2011 10:06:57 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
iPhoto 9.2 supports compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5. This update also addresses minor stability, performance and compatibility issues, including:
• Left and right swipe gestures can now be used to navigate between photos in Magnify (1-up) view
• Previously imported photos are now displayed in a separate section of the Import window
• Book/calendar themes and card categories can now be selected using a pop-up menu in the carousel view
• Resolves an issue that could cause some pages of books to print incorrectly
• Rebuilding a library now correctly preserves saved slideshows and books
The update is recommended for all users of iPhoto '11.
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Post Date: 10/13/2011 9:13:32 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Aperture 3.2 supports compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5. This update also addresses minor stability, performance and compatibility issues, including:
• Aperture now automatically relaunches into Full Screen mode if the application was in Full Screen mode when last quit
• Pinch-to-zoom gesture now automatically activates Zoom mode in the Viewer
• Left and right swipe gestures can now be used to navigate between photos in the Viewer
• Microsoft Outlook can now be chosen in Preferences as the application used by Aperture for emailing photos
• Fixes a problem that could cause Aperture, running on OS X Lion, to quit unexpectedly when using brushes to apply adjustments
• Loupe now correctly displays magnification levels between 50-100%.
• Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture, running on OS X Lion, to display the incorrect color profile on externally edited images
• Import window now includes an option to delete photos from iPhone and iPad after they have been imported into Aperture
• The Lift & Stamp tool now displays the correct cursor icons when being used in Split View and Viewer only modes
The update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3.
For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
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Post Date: 10/13/2011 9:10:11 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Wednesday, October 12, 2011
A Bloomberg Businessweek article discusses the effect of the flooding on Nikon's ability to deliver DSLR cameras.
"Nikon’s inventory of SLR cameras will probably last for about a month and the effect on earnings would be negligible should the company resume the plant’s operation within a month, Hisashi Moriyama, a JPMorgan analyst in Tokyo, said in a report dated yesterday."
"Suspensions lasting two months could cut Nikon’s revenue by 30 billion yen and operating profit by 5 billion yen to 10 billion yen, he said."
Not mentioned was the disruption to Canon production. At this point, I'm only aware that Canon's inkjet production has been affected.
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Post Date: 10/12/2011 5:56:19 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Location to Serve as Western Hub for Education, Service & Training Operations
LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., October 12, 2011 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the opening of the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center to better serve its film and television production clients. The office, located on the historic Sunset Gower Studio lot at 6060 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, will provide a local site to foster support, research, service and training for Hollywood’s thriving entertainment industry.
“We want to offer a one-stop shop where our clients can come to ask questions and explore our various products with the help of our highly qualified technical and engineering staff members. The Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center provides a well-equipped venue for working with professionals in a range of imaging industries, from film and television production to still imaging and professional output,” stated Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies and Communications Group, Canon U.S.A.
Comprehensive product repair services for Canon professional products will be available in the new Hollywood facility starting in late 2011. On-site repair operations will include two state-of-the-art camera body and lens adjustment rooms, Canon’s most advanced adjustment and calibration equipment, local spare parts inventory, and an experienced professional repair staff that will look to quickly return Canon’s professional products to their original factory condition and operation.
The Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center will also serve as a field extension of Canon’s Research and Solution Engineering Department, dedicated to ensuring that current and future products meet or exceed the demands of our clientele. As a local research and development center, staff will assess market demands and expectations for new professional imaging technology and look to build them into future product generations and customer support provisions. This represents only one of many initiatives and investments that Canon has planned to solidify its commitment to the film and television production community.
The facility will also support business opportunities by offering 1:1 meetings with major clients (studios, production houses, television networks, rental facilities, and others) to further build relationships and assess their needs. The new facility and local Canon staff will also offer hands-on education to current and potential clients on the latest Canon professional products. Courtesy visits by both existing and potential clients in the industry can be arranged to explore opportunities and assess Canon’s full capabilities. Guilds, unions or organizations affiliated with film and television production are encouraged to inquire about hosting seminars, events and industry gatherings at Canon’s Hollywood center as well.
The Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center will also host Canon Live Learning (CLL) workshops – fee-based seminars for professionals and enthusiasts looking to further their imaging education. In addition, the Hollywood center will offer other industry-related events covering a wide range of technical and creative topics within the professional production segment.
In addition to the business and Hollywood industry support mentioned above, the service and support facility located in the Canon’s new Hollywood center will also be part of Canon’s industry-leading nationwide customer service and support network. Canon’s customer service and support network includes Factory Service Centers in Irvine (Calif.), Jamesburg (N.J.) and Newport News (Va.) as well as five broadcast lens service centers located strategically throughout the United States. Canon service centers’ reputation for excellence is based on industry-leading repair turnaround times, high-quality repair services, personalized service and 100 percent US-based call center support operations, all based on Canon factory standards and processes and designed to provide complete customer satisfaction.
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Post Date: 10/12/2011 12:07:30 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Ready for some bird photography? Next up in the forum-sourced photography tips: Backyard Bird Photography Setup Tips by Joel Eade.
Post Date: 10/12/2011 10:47:35 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Get 10% off of 14 "Select Sigma Lenses" at Abe's of Maine. Try using coupon code LOYALTY15 for a possible additional $15 off.
Also at Abe's, use coupon code LOYALTY15 and this link to get the Tamron 18-270mm Di II VC PZD Lens for only $529.95 shipped after rebate.
Post Date: 10/11/2011 10:55:09 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
ISO 12233 test results showing Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro FX Lens image quality have been added to the site.
Post Date: 10/11/2011 8:26:12 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Nikon press release:
Notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand
October 11, 2011
Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Nikon Corporation in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province located in Central Thailand, is submerged by the flood caused by torrential rainfall since last July.
The latest situations at Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are as follows:
1. Damages
The 1st floor of all buildings at the premises are presently submerged. Details of the damages are now under investigation. As for the employees, the human damage has not been reported so far. The factory is suspending its operation since October 6.
2. Estimated impact to our business performance
We are now doing our utmost to estimate the impact of the flood to our group companies and business performance. We assure you to immediately advise the findings once it is judged there will be an important change in our forecast.
3. Recovery
We are continuing to investigate details of the damage, but are unable to predict how soon operation will be resumed. We will set up our recovery support system and endeavor to restart its operation as early as possible. We are now requesting drainage of the industrial park to the Thai government, together with the Rojana Industrial Park authority, other companies in the Park and Japan External Trade Organization.
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Post Date: 10/11/2011 8:21:00 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Monday, October 10, 2011
Based on feedback from so many of you, the site index will now, by default, show at the bottom of each page (home page excluded).
If this is not your preference, simply click on the On button in the bottom navigation bar to toggle this display.
Post Date: 10/10/2011 4:05:23 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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