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(Last update: November 7, 2012)

Online since 2002, is one of the web's most popular camera and lens review sites, serving over 900,000 unique visitors and 6,000,000+ page views per month. Advertising on this website exposes your brand to a very targeted audience of enthusiastic pro and amateur photographers.

PLEASE NOTE: No SEO-Specific Advertising

Sorry, but we do not accept advertising specifically for search engine optimization purposes. We do not offer SEO text links, link exchanges, guest posts or any direct SEO benefits.

Banner Advertising

Please Note: Site layout in changing right now. Please contact us for more information

Minimum Campaign Spend: $500.00 USD
Maximum USA CPM Rate: $1.50 USD

The current site design makes two 336x360px ad units and one 300x250px ad unit available to advertisers. The 300x250 ad unit is located at the top right of all pages (above-the-fold, seen immediately upon page load). The 336x360px ad units are located immediately after the content of most pages. The content is why people are using this site and the just-past-content ads are similarly successful as the top-of-the-fold top right ad (visitors often read the page before persuing ads).

Ads are managed, served and tracked by Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) adserver. DFP allows us fine control over when and where your ad is served – including full geo-targeting.

Banner Specifications

Banners types: GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG or FLASH
Max file size: 60K
Max animation frames: 5
Banner size: 300x250px or 336x360px

All ads are subject to our approval - we reserve the right to reject banners that we consider inappropriate or that detract from our site.

To place an ad, contact us at

Google Site Targeting

The three ad units described in the Banner Advertising section above are backfilled with Google AdWords inventory. You can direct your ads to this site using the Google AdWords Site Targeting feature. With AdWords, you can determine how much you want to spend.

Custom Advertising

We have complete freedom to work your campaign into the site. Contact us us at if you would like to discuss.

Evaluation Gear

We do accept select evaluation gear that is of interest to our readers. Acceptance of such gear with a review commitment required is based on the item and our schedule. Please note that this site fully discloses provided gear - and gives an honest review of it.

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