About the Camera, Lens and Accessory Reviews

Intent of Reviews

We aim to help you select the equipment that is right for you. We teach you to be a better photographer and teach you to make better use of your equipment. And all of this is, of course, fun!

How Is Equipment Reviewed?

How the reviews are performed depends a lot on the particular features of the item being reviewed. As the perfect lens (Canon EF 14-600mm f/1.2L USM IS, 1.3 lb, 4" long, internally focusing, perfectly sharp, CA-free, sub $300 ...) does not exist outside of our imaginations, I prefer to focus on practical reviews and advice, but incorporate very precise comparative technical results along with real world performance evaluations. You need (or want) a cameras, lens or accessory and there are generally several options available for that need, so you need to know the differentiating factors for making the best decision. My goal is to help you make the right practical choice.

Lens Review Issues

Full testing of a lens is very complex and time consuming. Which camera body/sensor should lenses be tested with? What happens when the next generation is introduced? Which FOVCF should be used? 1.0x, 1.3x, 1.6x? What distance should tests be conducted at? Test charts must be framed exactly the same (very hard with a 95% viewfinder) from an exact perpendicular position for visual comparative evaluation. Which focal length(s) should be tested - zooms have an infinite number of focal lengths? What lighting type? Daylight (never identical), continuous (very hot - can change properties of target), strobes (huge setup effort when changing apertures), flash(es) ... Focus accuracy - if any shot is not in perfect focus, the results (for certain purposes) are altered. The camera must be perfectly squared to the target for accurate results. Results from technical evaluations are time consuming to wade through and present.

Do I get free evaluation equipment from Canon and other manufacturers?

No. All equipment reviewed (unless otherwise specified) are production models purchased on the retail market. Nearly all reviewed gear was purchased from the retailers featured on this site. Though I can't say with confidence that they would do so, manufacturers are not able to hand pick the best copy of a lens (or other item) for review. I get what you can expect to get.

Because of the large amount of time required to properly review an item, I am generally not interested in reviewing pre-production models. I sell much of what I review to finance new items to review.

I am not paid by or affiliated with Canon, Nikon or other manufacturers

Our primary funding, what feeds the kids, is your support – primarily from a small commission your purchases made using the various links, including ads, available on the site. We count on you for all revenue required to run this site. We also need your referrals of friends and others needing the information we provide. We are grateful for the support of so many of you!

What reviews are coming next?

I always have far more on the todo list than I have time to complete, but I generally make it a priority to review new Canon equipment first. If there are new Canon products available, I am likely evaluating them. After the first priority is settled, I review items that I need/use and items I think site visitors are most interested in. Third party (Sigma, Tamron ...) lenses are usually near the top of my current evaluation list. Items displayed without reviews generally have a near-future review "planned" for them. Plans change sometimes. :)

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