Photogenic Eclipse 60" Umbrella Review

Photogenic Eclipse 60

The Photogenic Eclipse 60" Umbrella gives you a large off-camera light source. A soft, large, off-camera light source eliminates harsh shadows and produces beautiful contour-showing light on your subject.

My primary use for the Eclipse Umbrella is portrait photography. The difference between a bare flash portrait and a flash fired into an umbrella is huge.

The Photogenic Eclipse 60" Umbrellas have a white satin panel on both sides of the umbrella wires. This helps to eliminate reflections of the umbrella wires in your subject's eyes or on a highly reflective surface such as chrome and brass. The black cover is removable making the Eclipse Umbrella able to be used in a shoot-through manner.

The Eclipse Umbrella is well made - I expect it to last a long time.

My Photogenic Eclipse 60" Umbrella setup includes the Bogen Manfrotto Light Stand 3361, the Bogen Manfrotto Swivel Umbrella Adapter, the Stroboframe Flash Mount Adapter and the Canon 580EX Flash.

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