Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lens Specifications and Measurements

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Specifications Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lens
Focal Length Range 150-500mm
APS-C Sensor DSLRs Only? N
Lenses / Groups 21/15
Angle of View: Diagonal 16.4° - 5°
Angle of View: Horizontal
Angle of View: Vertical
Aperture Range - Wide / Long f/5.0-22 / f/6.3-
Aperture Max by Focal Length 150-173mm = f/5.0
174-312mm = f/5.6
313-500mm = f/6.3
Number of Aperture Blades 9
Rounded Aperture? N
Manufacturer Specification Weight 67.1 oz
Actual Weight 58.2 oz
Lens Hood Weight 2.5 oz
Tripod Ring Weight 4.8 oz
In-Use Weight 65.5 oz
Manufacturer Spec Size (DxL) 3.7 x 9.9”
Measured Size (DxL) 3.92 x 10.27”
Max Diameter at Tripod Ring 4.8”
Max Length at Full Extension 12.74”
Internal Zoom? / Extends with Zoom? N / Y
Zoom Extension Length 2.55”
Internal Focusing? / Extends with Focusing? Y / N
Lens Hood Size (DxL) 4.56 x 3.93”
Lens Length with Hood (Min / Max) 13.92 / 16.44”
Size of Rings - Zoom / Focus 1.62” / 1.14”
Filter Size 86mm  UV ► CP ►
Front Element (Filter Mount) Rotates N
AF Motor Type HSM
Full Time Manual Focus Y
Focus Ring Rotation 132°
Focus Limiter? / Focus Limiter Ranges N
Distance Info Provided to Camera? Y
Distance Scale? / Type Y / Window
Close Focus  
Specified Min Focus Distance 86.6”
Tested Min Focus Distance (Wide / Long) 77.09” / 75.67”
Maximum Magnification (MM) 0.19x
MM with 12mm Extension Tube
MM with 25mm Extension Tube
Zoom Ring Rotation 80°
Tripod Ring Included? / Removable? N
Zoom Ring Lock Switch? Y
Lens Hood Included / Model? Y / LH927-01 Buy ►
Weather Sealed? / Filter Required? N
Image Stabilization? / Stops? / Tripod Sensing? Y / 4 /
Extender Compatible? Y
Case Included? / Type? Y /
47.25" x 31.5" Subject Framing Distance 150mm = 17.40'
200mm = 22.38'
250mm = 27.80'
300mm = 33.57'
400mm = 44.58'
500mm = 52.59'
23.62" x 15.75" Target:
700mm = 36.99' (w/ 1.4x)
1000mm = 51.20' (w/ 2.0x)
Year Introduced 2008
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