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 Friday, November 8, 2013
From Adobe:
Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.3 release candidate.
A “release candidate” label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.
The Lightroom team would like the community to help verify the quality of this update through normal usage as this will ensure that the application is tested on a diversity of hardware and software configurations not available internally at Adobe.
New Camera Support

  • Canon PowerShot S120
  • Nikon 1 AW1
  • Nikon Coolpix P7800
  • Nikon D610
  • Nikon D5300 (*)

* Denotes preliminary support
New Lens Profile Support

Lens NameLens Mount
Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STMCanon EOS M
Nikon 1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6Nikon
Nikon 1 NIKKOR AW 10mm f/2.8Nikon
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4GNikon
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A013Nikon

Fixed Issues

  • Issues when upgrading catalog from previous versions of Lightroom.
  • Incorrect photos are displayed after switching away from a Publish Collection.
  • Catalog optimization did not finish, and was not optimizing the catalog
  • Feather of clone spots is set to 0 after upgrading catalog to Lightroom 5.
  • Auto White Balance settings are not saved to Snapshots.
  • Sony 18-55mm lens is detected as the Hasselblad 18-55mm lens for lens correction.
  • Increased Update Spot Removal history steps when in Before and After view.
  • Slideshows start playing automatically even when the Manual Slideshow option is enabled.
  • Video playback stops when dragging on the scrubber.
  • Errors when publishing photos to Flickr through the Publish Service.
  • Option + drag on Edit Pin behavior is functioning incorrectly.
  • Black border appears around the exported slideshow video.
  • Catalog containing images processed with PV2003 were adding a post-crop vignette when catalog upgraded to Lightroom 5.
  • Pressing the “Reset” button while holding down the Shift key caused Lightroom to exit abruptly.
  • Output Sharpening and Noise Reduction were not applied to exported images that were resized to less than 1/3 of the original image size.
  • The Esc key did not exit the slideshow after right clicking screen with mouse during slideshow playing.
  • Import dialog remained blank for folders that contain PNG files with XMP sidecars.
  • Metadata panel displayed incorrect information after modifying published photo. Please note that this only occurred when metadata was changed after the photo was published.

Can Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate be installed alongside Lightroom 5?
By default, the Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate for both Windows and Mac will remove or overwrite your existing Lightroom 5 installation. If you wish to return to Lightroom 5 after installing Lightroom 5.3, simply reinstall Lightroom 5 from your original download after uninstalling Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate.
Both versions of the application share the same catalog format allowing your catalogs to be opened by either version without complications
When will the Lightroom 5.3 release candidate expire?
The Lightroom 5.3 release candidate will expire on December 31, 2013.
Will there be an upgrade charge for the final Lightroom 5.3 release?
No, Lightroom 5.3 will be a free update for all current Lightroom 5 customers.
Will additional camera or lens support be available in the final release?
It is possible that additional cameras or lenses will be supported in the final release.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate
Adorama carries Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

Category: Adobe News
Post Date: 11/8/2013 5:12:31 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, November 1, 2013
From Adobe:
More than 150 Innovations Added to Creative Cloud Video Products and Adobe Anywhere for Video
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 31, 2013 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of major new updates to the video apps in Adobe Creative Cloud, including new capabilities in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Prelude CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Story CC Plus.
Important updates will also be added to Adobe Anywhere for video, to enable a range of tasks from ingest and logging to visual effects collaboration for large teams. A new Adobe Anywhere iPad app enables editors to browse shared productions and play media and sequences from the Adobe Anywhere Server on their iPads.
Today’s updates, which were initially previewed in September at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), include a direct link color pipeline between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe SpeedGrade CC, expanded native support for brilliant visuals including 4K high frame rate content, a new mask tracker in Adobe After Effects, the Adobe Prelude CC Live Logger iPad app and many other feature enhancements.
“We’ve seen many broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals adopt our video apps in Creative Cloud and Adobe Anywhere as they look for a toolset that allows them to thrive in the face of reduced budgets and demanding production timelines,” said Bill Roberts, director, video product management, Adobe. “The new features and services give our customers the streamlined workflow they have been asking for, while also continuing our commitment to provide significant innovations frequently for Creative Cloud members and Adobe Anywhere users.”
Creative Cloud offers video professionals a membership-based service that provides users with unlimited access to download and install flagship Adobe professional video desktop applications as well as the full range of Adobe desktop applications for design, Web and photography. With Creative Cloud membership, users also have access to publishing services to deliver apps and websites, the ability to synch cloud storage, and new products and exclusive updates as soon as they’re released. This offers more efficient ways to share work with colleagues and the creative community; and enables more innovation, collaboration and efficient productions from post to broadcast. Key new updates to the video tools in Adobe Creative Cloud include:

  • A new Direct Link Color Pipeline between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe SpeedGrade CC provides an integrated workflow that allows users to share multi-track timelines seamlessly back and forth; open Adobe Premiere Pro CC sequences in Adobe SpeedGrade CC quickly; and see the results as effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC that are managed by the Lumetri Deep Color Engine.
  • Expanded native supportfor 4K and higher resolutions,high frame rates and RAW formats, enables editors to work with footage from the hottest new high-res cameras, including the 6K Red Dragon, natively – without having to wait to transcode and re-wrap files.
  • The Mask Tracker in Adobe After Effects CC enables video professionals to create masks and apply effects that track automatically frame-by-frame throughout a composition to save countless hours of tedious work.
  • A more streamlined editing environment provides editors with new definable metadata capabilities including a new monitor overlay along with enhanced multi-cam support that makes it easy to turn individual camera angles on or off as you edit.
  • The Adobe Prelude CC Live Logger iPad app, which enables users to log notes, events, and other data on their iPad while shooting, including the ability to sync with timecode on set via supported wireless timecode systems, and then sync metadata to footage via Creative Cloud for faster editing.
  • Advanced color grading with the new SpeedLooks in Adobe SpeedGrade CC offers dedicated camera patches. This allows users to match the color spaces even across different camera formats. New multiple masks and linked mask layers capabilities also enable Adobe SpeedGrade CC users more control over complex looks.
  • Adobe Anywhere Support for Adobe After Effects CC enables visual effects and motion graphic artists using Adobe After Effects CC to collaborate with other production team members, without the need to learn new software.
  • Adobe Anywhere iPad App that enables users to view productions and play back sequences on the Adobe Anywhere server from the field or a remote location.
  • Better media management enables users to find and load video assets with the new Media Browser in After Effects, improved workflows when linking back to source content with Link and Locate in Adobe Premiere Pro and automated image processing for customized media output with Adobe Media Encoder

Sign up on the Adobe Creative Cloud Website.

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Post Date: 11/1/2013 10:51:35 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, October 31, 2013
Apparently, many people are finding the auto-updated NIK filters are crashing Photoshop CS6. The issue seems to be a related to a missing "MSVCP110.dll" file.
Several people have reported that installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 fixes the issue by reinstalling the missing file. (thanks Leigh)
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Post Date: 10/31/2013 2:14:13 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, October 30, 2013
From Reuters:

"Adobe Systems Inc said on Tuesday that the scope of a cyber-security breach disclosed nearly a month ago was far bigger than initially reported, with attackers obtaining data on more than 38 million customer accounts.The software maker also said that hackers had stolen part of the source code to Photoshop editing software that is widely used by professional photographers.
The company disclosed the breach on Oct. 3, saying attackers took credit card information and other data from nearly 3 million customers' accounts.
Adobe also said that the hackers accessed an undisclosed number of Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords that were stored in a separate database. On Tuesday, it revealed that about 38 million records from that database were stolen."

Check out the rest of the article on Reuters.

Category: Adobe News
Post Date: 10/30/2013 2:35:21 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, October 4, 2013
Adobe has released an announcement that details security breach affecting 2.9 million user accounts. Customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and information relating to orders were accessed by unauthorized parties.
Adobe says they will be taking the following steps as a result of the breach:

  • "As a precaution, we are resetting relevant customer passwords to help prevent unauthorized access to Adobe ID accounts. If your user ID and password were involved, you will receive an email notification from us with information on how to change your password. We also recommend that you change your passwords on any website where you may have used the same user ID and password.
  • We are in the process of notifying customers whose credit or debit card information we believe to be involved in the incident. If your information was involved, you will receive a notification letter from us with additional information on steps you can take to help protect yourself against potential misuse of personal information about you. Adobe is also offering customers, whose credit or debit card information was involved, the option of enrolling in a one-year complimentary credit monitoring membership where available.
  • We have notified the banks processing customer payments for Adobe, so that they can work with the payment card companies and card-issuing banks to help protect customers’ accounts.
  • We have contacted federal law enforcement and are assisting in their investigation."

Unfortunately, that's not all. Adobe has reported that source code for Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder and other Adobe products was also accessed by unauthorized parties. This access will surely make it easier for hackers to find obscure security holes that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Be sure to keep your software up-to-date to help avoid exploitation.

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Post Date: 10/4/2013 6:57:48 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From Adobe:
Powerful Mobile Capabilities Make Photos and Videos Accessible Anywhere, Any Time, on Multiple Devices
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 24, 2013 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the availability of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 12, new versions of the No. 1 selling consumer photo and video-editing software*. Customers will enjoy powerful mobile capabilities, and reap the benefits of professional-grade editing technology delivered in an intuitive experience that makes it easy to create stunning results.
“Our customers have a lot of photos and videos, and they love to use their home computers to organize them and be creative, but they also want the freedom and flexibility to view, edit and share on their mobile devices,” said Lea Hickman, vice president, products, Creative Consumer Business, Adobe. “Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 will provide customers with the best of both worlds, quickly, easily and at their discretion.”
Easily Create and Share Sensational Photos with Photoshop Elements 12 with new features and tools that include:

  • Mobile Access - With Elements Mobile Albums, customers always have access to their precious memories. Powered by Adobe Revel, people can view, edit and share their photos and videos seamlessly on their smartphones, tablets and desktop devices whether at home or on-the-go.
  • Content-Aware Move - This exclusive Adobe technology lets customers easily move objects within a photo and automatically fills in resulting empty spaces.
  • Pet Eye Correction - Added in response to customer requests, Pet Eye provides an easy solution to the problem of flash reflection in animals’ eyes, which is not addressed by Red Eye correction technology.
  • Auto Smart Tone – Exclusive intelligent software that learns a customer’s editing preferences, resulting in one-click adjustments based on their choiceswhich gets better the more you use it.
  • Quick Frames, Effects and Textures – One-click photo frames, effects and textures, inspired by the most popular looks customers have been creating in Expert mode.
  • Guided Edits - Step-by-step instructions to create Zoom Burst and Photo Puzzle effects, as well as Restore Old Photo, which enable users to restore damaged or old photos.
  • Straighten Tool - Now fills in missing edges through the use of exclusive Content-Aware technology.
  • Share to Twitter – Share a photo with a tweet on Twitter.
  • 64-bit support for Mac – Allows for more efficient use of your computers’ built in memory, maximizing performance and enabling larger image files and videos to be edited quickly.

Create Unforgettable Movies with ease with Premiere Elements 12. New features and tools include:

  • Guided Edits – Step-by-step navigation on how to get started, trim frames, add scores, transitions, titles and narrations, as well as animating graphics and creating pictures within pictures.
  • Scores – More than 50 soundtracks that automatically regenerate to fit the duration of a clip, making it easy to create home movies with perfectly timed intros, outros and background music.
  • Sound Effects – More than 250 effects that add excitement and dimension to audio tracks.
  • Auto Smart Tone – The same exclusive technology found in Photoshop Elements 12, for video.
  • Film Looks – Four new filters to add stylized Hollywood flare to home movies including Comic, Trinity, Yesteryear and Cross Process.
  • Motion tracking – Spotlight your subject by adding graphics, text and effects that move with the object.

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (Mac and Windows) are immediately available for purchase at for US$99.99, with upgrade pricing of US$79.99. The Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12 bundle is available now for US$149.99, with upgrade pricing of US$119.99. They will soon be available at retail stores such as Adorama Camera, Inc,, B & H Photo and Video, Best Buy, Best Buy Canada, New Egg, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples and Staples Canada.

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Post Date: 9/24/2013 5:18:45 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Adobe is now offering its newly announced Photoshop Photography Membership Program for Creative Cloud – that's Photoshop CC, Lightroom, and Bridge CC for $9.99 per month with annual commitment.
Note: You must have a valid Photoshop CS3 - CS6 serial number to qualify for this program.

  1. Go to the Adobe Creative Cloud portal.
  2. Click on "Membership Plans."
  3. Click on "Individual."
  4. Click the "Join" button in the "Creative Cloud plan for Photoshop Customers" section.

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Post Date: 9/17/2013 3:30:54 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
The final release versions of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2 and Camera RAW 8.2 are now available.
From Adobe:
Photoshop Lightroom 5.2
The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2 update includes these enhancements:

  • A color noise reduction slider in the Detail panel and a feather adjustment slider for the Spot Heal tool.
  • Bug fixes, new lens profiles, and support for 16 new cameras, including the Canon EOS 70D, Fujifilm X-M1, and Sony A3000

Download Photoshop Lightroom 5.2: Windows | Macintosh
Adobe DNG Converter 8.2
This update contains the Adobe DNG Converter 8.2.
The Adobe DNG Converter is a free utility that enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files from more than 350 cameras to the more universal DNG raw format.
Digital Negative was developed to address the lack of an open standard for the proprietary and unique raw files created by each digital camera. DNG allows photographers to archive their raw camera files in a single format for easy cataloging and access in the future. With the format specification freely available, any developer can build software that supports and takes advantage of DNG. For more information, visit the Digital Negative page.
Support for the following cameras has been added. Visit the Camera Raw page for a complete list of supported cameras.

  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Canon PowerShot G16
  • Canon PowerShot S120 (preliminary)

Download Camera RAW 8.2: Windows | Macintosh
Adorama carries Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

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Post Date: 9/17/2013 11:22:13 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, September 13, 2013
From Adobe:
Sep 12, 2013 – Preview 2 of both plug-ins is now available for download. This release enables installs on 32-bit operating systems.
Download DNG Flat Field plug-in (Preview 2)
Download DNG Recover Edge plug-in (Preview 2)
The Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw and Lightroom teams will occasionally release pre-production plug-ins that extend existing functionality inside Lightroom.
These plug-ins are provided free of charge, but without an official support program.
Like other technologies on Adobe Labs, these tools are not finished products, but rather beta or prototype utilities that may work in your particular environment.
Available Plug-ins for Photoshop Lightroom
The following list comprises all of the resources that are currently available to download. More tools and utilities may be added in the future.

Adorama carries Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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Post Date: 9/13/2013 7:23:42 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Monday, September 9, 2013
From September 16-21 (9:00am - 4:00pm Pacific Time), creativeLIVE is hosting free live workshops to celebrate Photo Week. The week will include workshops by over 50 well-known commercial, outdoor, and wedding photographers.
For more information or to sign up, check out creativeLive's Photo Week page.
Post Date: 9/9/2013 9:06:33 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Adobe just announced a Photoshop Photography Program for Creative Cloud at Photoshop World. In short, you can get Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 for $9.99/month. There is a catch, though - to get this pricing, you must be an owner of Photoshop CS3 or later. While I haven't seen an official press release regarding the new program, I did find some FAQs on Adobe's site:
From Adobe FAQ:
What is the Adobe Photoshop Photography Program offer?
This offer includes access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, plus feature updates and upgrades as they are available; 20GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration; and Behance ProSite for your own fully customizable professional portfolio. That means you get all the benefits of a Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop CC, but with Lightroom 5 included as well, for about half the monthly price.
This offer is available to customers who own a previous version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6). Requires an annual commitment with monthly billing. Valid from September 17, 2013, through December 31, 2013, in countries where Creative Cloud is purchased directly from
Can I get Adobe Bridge CC with the Photoshop Photography Program offer?
Yes. Bridge CC is available for download and use as part of your Creative Cloud membership.
I am already a Creative Cloud member. Do I qualify for this offer?
Existing Creative Cloud members who wish to transition to this offer must own a previous version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6).
If you meet this qualification, how you transition will depend on the type of membership you have:

  • Photoshop CC single-app members will be automatically transitioned to this new program, with its additional benefits and lower ongoing price.
  • Creative Cloud complete members should contact Adobe Customer Service to discuss transitioning to this new offer.

I own an earlier version of Lightroom but not Photoshop. Do I qualify for the Photoshop Photography Program offer?
No. Only customers who own a previous version of Photoshop CS3 or later qualify.
Will the cost of my Photoshop Photography Program membership increase?
Customers who sign up by December 31, 2013 will be able to continue their membership. This price is not a special introductory price for your first year only; it is the standard price for this level of membership. But if you cancel your membership in the future, you will not be able to re-join at this special price.
Update: Looks like Adobe still doesn't have the signup page active - I jumped the gun with the previous update/link. I'll update with a new post when the signup page becomes available.

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Post Date: 9/4/2013 2:01:12 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, August 23, 2013
From Sigma (creativeLive Photo Week Sponsor):
Join us for a streaming event featuring the best and brightest pro photographers. Connect with the masters in real time!
Broadcast over six days, creativeLive Photo Week is one of the most ambitious events the photography industry has ever seen.
Featuring over 40 instructors across three live channels, creativeLIVE Photo Week peels back the curtain on the glamorous, high-octane field of photography. Learn game-changing skills as you interact with creative visionaries in commercial, outdoor, and wedding photography, with special workshops for beginning photographers.
This all-access pass inside the photography industry will reveal the breadth of possibilities available through your camera lens.
RSVP for the Free Live Event scheduled for September 16-21
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Post Date: 8/23/2013 8:57:09 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, August 1, 2013
From Adobe:
New Offer Makes it Even Easier to Purchase and Deploy Creative Cloud
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Aug. 1, 2013 - Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a new version of Adobe® Creative Cloud™ that enables creative teams to purchase membership of a single desktop application like Photoshop® CC, Illustrator® CC, InDesign® CC or any other of the entire collection of CC desktop applications. With this new move, Adobe now offers two team plans for Creative Cloud: the complete option that delivers 14 Adobe desktop applications and sophisticated, cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities; or the new single app plan that includes access to one desktop application along with 20GB of storage and the ability to showcase work on Behance®, the world’s leading creative community.
Both plans for Creative Cloud for teams radically simplify license management and deployment for IT departments. An intuitive, easy-to-use web portal, the Admin Console, lets administrators centrally purchase, deploy and manage all seats across an organization - whether single app or complete - under one membership agreement.
The new single app plan for teams delivers many of the benefits of full Creative Cloud for teams membership. Customers will receive updates to their favorite desktop CC application as new features become available. Creatives can share files with colleagues, whether inside or outside the organization; and cloud-based storage of 20GB can be used to view, edit, store and share a larger set of files across the team. Designers can also publish a customized online portfolio with Behance ProSite, and solicit feedback from the worldwide creative community. Over 1.6 million creatives globally are part of the Behance network.
Adobe CC Desktop Applications At Core of New Team Offer
This new version of Creative Cloud enables creative teams to purchase membership for one of Adobe’s just-launched CC family of desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Dreamweaver® CC, Premiere® Pro CC and more.
Hundreds of new features are included in these latest versions of Adobe’s industry-defining desktop tools. Innovations include:

  • Photoshop CC ships with new sharpening technologies and designer workflow enhancements. Camera Shake Reduction deblurs images that would have otherwise been lost due to camera movement. All-new Smart Sharpen makes texture and detail pop while minimizing noise and halos, and Adobe Camera Raw 8 adds even more powerful photographic controls to straighten and perfect images.
  • For designers, the Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC offers a new level of creativity with type. Move, scale, and rotate text characters knowing that it remains editable. This feature works with a mouse, stylus or multi-touch device. Illustrator also enables painting with a brush made from a photo. Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes can contain raster images, so designers can create complex organic designs quickly, with simple brush strokes. A new, modern architecture for InDesign CC turbocharges performance, and in-browser editing in Adobe Muse™ CC - a tool for designers to create and publish HTML websites without writing code - allows clients to make edits to a published website, which can then be reviewed, approved, and updated by the designer.
  • For video customers Adobe Premiere Pro CC includes dramatic new editing features, customizations and improvements to help editors work efficiently. Premiere Pro CC integrates powerful color workflows, with the addition of the Lumetri™ Deep Color Engine to easily apply rich color grading looks. A high-impact version of Adobe After Effects™ CC brings motion graphics and visual effects artists more creative possibilities and allows them to work more easily in 3D with the new Live 3D Pipeline with Maxon Cinema4D integration.
  • Web designers and developers can look forward to significant advances in Adobe’s family of Edge tools and services. The latest Edge Animate CC lets Web designers create animated and interactive content with amazing ease and precision, using native HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Dreamweaver users can look forward to the most up-to-date CSS and properties via the intuitive visual editing tool, CSS Designer. And Adobe Flash® Pro CC features a modern, modular 64-bit architecture rebuilt from the ground up to be fast and reliable.

Membership Plans and Availability
The new single app plan of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is available for a suggested retail price of $29.99 (US) per user per month. Existing customers with CS3 or later are eligible for single app membership at a suggested retail price of $19.99 (US) per user per month. Customers can pre-order beginning today, with product availability expected August 15. Both the complete and single app plans are available via reseller partners worldwide. The complete plan is also available directly from For more information visit

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Post Date: 8/1/2013 7:41:59 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.2 Release Candidate for Creative Cloud is now available.
From Adobe:
New Features:

  • The Histogram is now interactive. This enables the ability to click and drag on the Histogram to adjust the Blacks, Shadows, Exposure, Highlights, and Whites slider adjustments.
  • A Color Smoothness adjustment slider has been added to the Detail Panel. This helps to reduce low-frequency color mottling artifacts
  • Separate Auto Temperature and Auto Tint controls, which is accessible via the Shift+Double Click on either the Temperature or Tint adjustment sliders.
  • Workflow presets are now available and can be selected on context-clicking the workflow link.
  • Refinements to the Spot Healing Tool:
  • New Feather control
  • Auto find source method now works better for images with textured areas like rocks, bark, and foliage
  • Auto find source method now prefers source areas within the crop rectangle
  • Refinements to the Local Adjustment Brush:
  • Move brush adjustments by clicking and dragging on brush adjustment pins
  • Right Click (PC) / Control-click (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to bring up a context menu to duplicate or delete
  • Control+Alt+Drag (PC) / Command+Option+Drag (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to clone (duplicate) that adjustment
  • Alt+Click (PC) / Option+Click (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to delete the adjustment

New Cameras Supported

  • Canon EOS 70D (preliminary support)

Why is it no longer required to place the plug-in file in the specified directory on my hard drive?
The Camera Raw update process has grown to include lens profile and camera profile files which are easiest to install via a single installer process instead of updating several different directories manually.
When will the Camera Raw 8.2 for CC release candidate expire?
Will additional camera or lens support be available in the final release?
It is possible that additional cameras or lenses will be supported in the final release.
Camera RAW 8.2 RC Plug-In - Windows (ZIP, 40.6MB) | Macintosh (DMG, 30.2MB)

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Post Date: 7/31/2013 3:12:31 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
The Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw and DNG Converter 8.2 Release Candidates for CS6 are now available.
From Adobe:
New Cameras Supported

  • Canon EOS 70D (preliminary support)

Why is it no longer required to place the plug-in file in the specified directory on my hard drive?
The Camera Raw update process has grown to include lens profile and camera profile files which are easiest to install via a single installer process instead of updating several different directories manually.
When will the Camera Raw 8.2 for CS6 release candidate expire?
Will additional camera or lens support be available in the final release?
It is possible that additional cameras or lenses will be supported in the final release.
Camera RAW 8.2 RC Plug-In - Windows (ZIP, 82.1MB) | Macintosh (DMG, 75.6MB)
DNG Converter 8.2 RC - Windows (EXE, 124MB) | Macintosh (DMG, 137MB)
Adorama carries Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Post Date: 7/31/2013 2:48:42 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
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