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 Monday, June 13, 2011
The Canon Online Store has the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV in refurbished condition in stock.
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Post Date: 6/13/2011 9:32:50 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens (Canon mount) is back in stock at B&H (quantities are limited).
B&H is once again carrying new Canon EOS 50D DSLRs.
Post Date: 6/13/2011 5:05:38 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
In a press release issued today, Canon UK has announced the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens.
Europe-only? Canon USA has said nothing about this new lens - I'm inquiring.
Update: At this time, Canon USA has no information about the availability of this lens in the US.
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Post Date: 6/13/2011 9:40:28 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
I've said before that Sanyo's eneloops are my preferred battery, so I'm pleased to see Sanyo releasing updates to the already great product.
SANYO's eneloop Series Expands with New-Type Batteries
Featuring high capacity “eneloop pro” and safer “eneloop plus”!
Tokyo, June 9, 2011 – SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO), a world leader in rechargeable battery technology, is pleased to announce the new additions to line-up of the eneloop rechargeable battery series, the “eneloop pro”, the “eneloop plus” and their charger sets to be released for the Japanese market.
The new “eneloop pro” battery has a 25% higher capacity than regular eneloop batteries, making it especially suitable for gadgets with high power consumption, such as digital cameras, strobe lights and flashlights etc. The new “eneloop plus” battery, with its overheat prevention function which suppresses overheating in case of improper use, is ideal for toys.
In addition, SANYO will also launch the “Wireless Charging Carrying Case” which can wirelessly recharge eneloop batteries. The carrying case is compliant with ‘Qi*1’, a standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) who are working towards the international standardization of wireless recharging technologies.
The “eneloop pro” will be available from July 21, 2011 and the “eneloop pro” charger set will go on sale from September 21 in Japan only *2. The “eneloop plus” and its charger set will be available from December 1, 2011, also in Japan only *2.
SANYO, as a member of the Panasonic Group, will continue to expand the “eneloop” series throughout the world so that people can comfortably adopt a new "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling".
*1 The “Qi” mark means that a product with the mark fulfills WPC’s standards for wireless recharging. The carrying case is useable with any charging pad with the Qi mark, regardless of the maker (Excluding certain models).
*2 The products will be available in Japan only (as of the release date).
*3 No manufacturer’s suggested retail price is set for a product with an open price.

Watch for the new eneloop batteries at B&H
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Post Date: 6/13/2011 8:50:17 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Canon USA's Spring 2011 Lens Rebates expire on June 18th, 2011. Now is the time to make the purchase if one of these lenses are on your to-get list - the instant rebate amounts are significant relative to the price of the lens.
Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens - $150.00
Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Lens - $100.00
Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens - $50.00
Links are to B&H.
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Post Date: 6/13/2011 8:48:54 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Photo District News (PDN) proudly announces that registration is now open for the first annual Outdoor Photo Expo, a 2-day event dedicated to the outdoor photography market including adventure, landscape, nature, outdoor sports, travel and wildlife.
Join us in beautiful Salt Lake City, Aug. 4-5, 2011 at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center for an entertaining and informative experience including educational seminars taught by master photographers plus an Expo featuring some of the best brands and latest imaging technology and photo solutions. An Art Fair and networking events are also planned to maximize your experience, and the expo finale features a keynote presentation “Photo Power for Planet Earth” by internationally acclaimed outdoor and nature photographers Frans Lanting and Art Wolfe on Friday, Aug. 5, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Whether you’re a photographer looking to sharpen your professional skills or a photo enthusiast who wants to take better photos on your next outdoor adventure, the Outdoor Photo Expo is the place to be. For additional information about the expo and educational seminar schedule click here. To register to attend the Outdoor Photo Expo click here.
The Outdoor Photo Expo will be held in conjunction with the Outdoor Retailer Expo, the world’s largest outdoor recreation expo featuring over 1000 brands supporting the active outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor Photo Expo attendees can visit the Outdoor Retailer Expo on Saturday, Aug. 6, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
To complement the Outdoor Photo Expo, PDN is proudly hosting a 2-day HDSLR Video Workshop, sponsored by Sony, where photographers will learn to how get the most from their camera’s HD video capabilities and expand their skills. For more information on attending the HDSLR Video Workshop in Salt Lake City on Aug. 3-4, 2011, click here.
Post Date: 6/13/2011 8:40:57 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, June 10, 2011
B&H has just received the new Canon Speedlite 270EX II into stock.
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Post Date: 6/10/2011 3:18:16 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
In a press release issued today:
Wireless flash function via software update
Servo mode software update for mecablitz 58 AF-1 and 48 AF-1
Metz is providing an exceptional software update for both predecessors of the current top-of-the-range system flash devices. For the first time, functionality of the mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital models can be enhanced retrospectively. The servo function for wireless flash without a mastering camera flash, launched in 2010, can now be downloaded from and imported to the 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital quick as a flash via the integrated USB interface.
Creative lighting with wireless flash
Wireless flash is becoming increasingly popular amongst photographers. To this end, Metz's top-of-the-range system flash devices provide two different functions. The camera-specific wireless TTL remote mode comes into play with the slave function. Because not all SLR cameras with built-in camera flash devices are equipped with a master function, Metz has also developed the servo flash release which enables the flash to be used as an additional creative light source in a room, with a camera without master function. This function was previously only available for the 58 AF-2 digital and 50 AF-1 digital and can now also be retrofitted for previous models.
Canon 600 D compatibility update
In addition to the increased functionality for the 58 AF-1 digital and 48 AF-1 digital flash devices, a further software update has been made available for all Metz system flash devices equipped with a USB interface. With the help of an update, they are now compatible with the Canon EOS 600 D.
Service and tradition – Made in Germany
Metz has been consistently engineering and manufacturing flash devices at its location in Germany for almost 60 years. The Metz range of flash devices extends from the high-performance mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital system flash to professional handheld flash guns and slave flash devices such as the mecablitz 15 MS-1 digital. The company, with its long-standing tradition, provides high quality products, Made in Germany, and is the only full range supplier of flash devices worldwide.
PDF Download
Wireless flash function via software update
Metz Flashes are available at B&H.
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Post Date: 6/10/2011 10:51:57 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Buy a select Gitzo Basalt Tripod between now and July 31st and receive a $100 rebate check ($50 for the GM3860C). Download the rebate form for more details.
Buy the Gitzo Basalt Tripod at: B&H, Adorama or
The Killer deal appears to be the Gitzo GT2830 Series 2 Basalt 3 Section Tripod at (sold by This tripod typically sells for $649 before rebate, but has it for only $449.90 shipped before rebate.
The only catch I see is the "Usually ships within 2 to 5 weeks" notation. "Rebate requests must be postmarked by August 31, 2011." Even without the rebate, this is a good deal.
(thanks Chris)
Post Date: 6/10/2011 10:30:18 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
B&H has just announced a new 30-day return policy.
"At B&H, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase. If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to B&H within 30 days of purchase date."
Category: B&H News
Post Date: 6/10/2011 10:02:06 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Nikon has a new round of DSLR plus lens instant rebates in place. B&H has a Nikon rebates page that concisely shows the rebate-available combinations. Rebates are available from now until June 25th.
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Post Date: 6/10/2011 9:58:54 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
B&H has the new, inexpensive Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S Lens in stock. I'm told the quantity of available stock is limited.
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Post Date: 6/10/2011 9:56:26 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, June 9, 2011
Adobe has posted a page outlining Adobe Photoshop Lightroom performance optimization.
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Post Date: 6/9/2011 4:23:01 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
The Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 DG Macro HSM II Lens (for Canon EOS) is on sale for $799.00 shipped (regular price is $917.00).
The Sigma 18mm - 200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM Lens (for Nikon) is on sale for $349.00 shipped (regular price is $399.00).
A selection of California Sunbounce closeouts are available. Notable is the California Sunbounce Big with 6' x 8' Frame & Translucent Textile with 1/3 Stop Light Reduction that has been reduced by over $120.
Post Date: 6/9/2011 2:32:06 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Adorama has 2-pack deals on SanDisk and Lexar memory cards. Shipping is free.
I didn't check all of the deals, but one example is the SanDisk 16GB Extreme Compact Flash Memory Card (Up to 60MB/S Read/Write, UDMA Enabled) priced at $99.95 each or $119.98 for the 2-pack.
Post Date: 6/9/2011 2:14:35 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Have you been to's Warehouse Deals Page?
This page features product returns that have been determined to be acceptable for resale. Prices are of course discounted - and deals vary. Product quantities are usually limited.
Go to the deals page, select your category and then browse or select a brand to browse. You will find the product in the "Used" category on the product page.
Post Date: 6/9/2011 1:40:30 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Need to completely remove Nikon software from a Windows-based computer? Use Nikon Regsweeper.
"After uninstalling a Nikon software application from Microsoft Windows some associated files remain on the operating system. Running Regsweeper will completely uninstall all files installed by the Nikon software including the registry keys."
"Why use Regsweeper? In some rare cases when trying to re-install Nikon software some problems may occur. Running Regsweeper to ensure the system is completely clean of all previously installed files for that application will ensure there are no issues. User deletion of the registry files is not recommended as it may cause further problems, Regsweeper automatically removes these files cleanly."
Learn more.
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Post Date: 6/9/2011 1:13:55 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
To celebrate Father's Day, Tamron has announced a $50 rebate (PDF rebate form) on the 18-270mm Di II VC PZD 15X Zoom Lens. The rebate is valid for purchase of model "B008" from an authorized Tamron USA dealer between 6/9/11 - 6/20/11.
Get your 18-270 PZD from: B&H (re-opens Friday), Adorama or
Post Date: 6/9/2011 11:55:15 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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