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 Thursday, December 11, 2014
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From Adobe:
Acquisition to Deliver Vibrant Image and Video Marketplace for Creatives Worldwide
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dec. 11, 2014 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Fotolia, a leading marketplace for royalty-free photos, images, graphics and HD video, for approximately $800 million in cash. Fotolia will be integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud, providing current and future Creative Cloud members with the ability to access and purchase over 34 million images and videos, significantly simplifying and accelerating the design process. The acquisition of Fotolia cements Creative Cloud’s role as a vibrant marketplace for creatives to buy and sell assets and services as well as showcase their talent to a worldwide audience. Adobe also plans to continue to operate Fotolia as a standalone stock service, accessible to anyone.
“The acquisition of Fotolia will reinforce Creative Cloud’s role as the preeminent destination for creatives,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president, Digital Media, Adobe. “Creative Cloud is becoming the go-to marketplace for the creative community to access images, videos, fonts and creative talent, through critical creative services like Fotolia and our new Creative Talent Search capabilities.”
With over 3.4 million members, Adobe Creative Cloud features the world’s leading desktop tools, an array of complementary mobile apps, training content, creative assets and services and ready access to a dynamic community. Creative Cloud is transforming how creatives find inspiration and deliver their best work -- and the value of Creative Cloud is increasing all the time through product updates and new capabilities like Creative Talent Search. Following the completion of the acquisition, Adobe expects to integrate the delivery and purchase of stock assets into Creative Cloud.
“Becoming part of the Adobe family is a dream come true for the Fotolia team and will accelerate our vision to become the best place for artists to build a business and the ultimate destination for designers to find stunning creative work,” said Oleg Tscheltzoff, founder and CEO of Fotolia.
Founded in 2004, with offices in New York, Paris and Berlin, privately-held Fotolia is owned by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., TA Associates and management. Fotolia currently operates in 23 countries and has websites in 14 languages.
The transaction, which is expected to close in the second half of Adobe’s fiscal Q1 2015, is subject to certain regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. The potential financial impact to Adobe of this transaction is not reflected in financial targets Adobe has previously provided, or new targets disclosed as part of Adobe's financial results, released on December 11, 2014. Until the transaction closes, each company will continue to operate independently. Upon close Fotolia CEO, Oleg Tscheltzoff, will continue to lead the Fotolia team as part of Adobe’s Digital Media business.
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Post Date: 12/11/2014 8:29:15 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
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From the Adobe Lightroom Journal:
Camera Raw 8.7.1 is now available as a final release for Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. This release includes support for the Sony ILCE-A7M2 and also includes a bug fix related to support for the Samsung NX1 camera. DNG Converter 8.7.1 is provided for customers using versions of Photoshop older than Photoshop CS6.
As mentioned here, updates to Camera Raw 8 for Photoshop CS6 only include new camera support, lens profile support, and bug fixes. The new features listed in the release notes are only available in Photoshop CC.
New Lens Profile Support in Camera Raw 8.7
Canon EFCanon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Canon EFCanon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM
Canon EFTokina AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX
Leica MZeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZM
Nikon FTokina AT-X 12-28 F4 PRO DX
Nikon FTokina AT-X 70-200mm F4 PRO FX VCM-S
Sony AlphaTokina AT-X 166 PRO DX II 11-16 F2.8
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issues with chromatic aberration specific to the Samsung NX1.
Please note – If you have trouble updating to the latest ACR update via the Creative Cloud application, please refer to the following plugin installation:
Download Links
DNG Converter 8.7 for Windows
DNG Converter 8.7 for Macintosh
Post Date: 12/11/2014 3:35:25 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Nikon D810 DSLR Camera
For the next two days, the Nikon D810 and D610 full-frame cameras have been reduced by $300.00 and $500.00, respectively.
B&H Links
Nikon D810 DSLR Camera - $2,996.95 Shipped (Reg. $3,296.95)
Nikon D610 DSLR Camera - $1,496.95 Shipped (Reg. $1,996.95)
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Post Date: 12/11/2014 10:56:20 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Vello Ringbox
B&H has the Vello Ringbox available for $59.95 with free expedited shipping. Regularly $89.95.
The Vello Ringbox seems to be a clone of the Roundflash Ringflash Adapter which retails for $113.00. I purchased the RoundFlash around Christmas of last year and have enjoyed playing around with it. It makes an especially useful tool for macro subjects.
In fact, I just walked out onto my front porch to capture this image of a Rosemary bush using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM, 580EX Speedlite and the RoundFlash Ringflash Adapter.
RoundFlash Rosemary Macro Shot
EXIF: f/7.1, 1/100 sec, ISO 100 (exposure reduced by 1/2 stop in DPP)
The exposure settings meant that the shaded fence behind the plant fell into darkness making this outdoor shot look like it was captured in a studio. The soft, even light of the RoundFlash allowed for every detail in the subject to be visible. [Sean]
Post Date: 12/11/2014 9:38:34 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
AdoramaPix Logo
Through 12/14, use coupon code PXHDEAL7 at AdoramaPix to get 40% off your order of 8x8 Calendars.
Post Date: 12/11/2014 8:10:32 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
B&H is featuring the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport as its Deal Zone Deal of the Day for only $49.00 after $10 rebate with free shipping. Regularly $99.00.
Post Date: 12/11/2014 7:39:49 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Laser Light Beam, Upper Antelope Canyon
A laser-like beam of sunlight reaches 130' below the ground to the floor of Upper Antelope Canyon. I highly recommend a wide angle zoom lens when shooting at this popular location. There is a lot of sand blowing into this slot canyon (and the 4 other slot canyons I was in during this trip), so any lens changing should be done inside a protective bag. A towel or other protection for the camera and lens would also be a good idea.
I captured this image back in 2010, but it remains one of my favorites. I took advantage of a recent Canvas On Demand 50% off deal (ends today) to have a 56x37" canvas print of it created. The canvas looks great and is leaning against the wall in my studio awaiting me to hang it.
Apparently, photos of light beams in slot canyons are quite valuable right now. I'm taking offers. :)
See this image larger on Google+, Flickr and Facebook.
Camera and Lens Settings
16mm  f/8.0  5s  ISO 100  3744 x 5616px
Post Date: 12/10/2014 1:20:28 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
Nikon D4s DSLR Camera
DigitalRev has the Nikon D4s DSLR Camera available for $5,499.00 with free shipping. Compare at $6,496.95.
Note: When purchased by US customers, items sold by DigitalRev are considered grey market. This means that the item would not qualify for Nikon USA warranty or service.
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Post Date: 12/10/2014 1:06:45 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Nikon D810 DSLR Camera
eBay (via Deals-All-Year) has the Nikon D810 DSLR Camera available for $2,599.00 with free shipping. Compare at $3,296.95.
Note: This is likely a grey market item and therefore not eligible for a Nikon USA warranty or service.
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Post Date: 12/10/2014 12:13:44 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Canon EOS Mode Dial
What is a Custom Mode?
A Custom mode is a camera setting that allows the photographer to instantly recall a pre-saved camera setup configuration by simply turning the top dial (or via a button press and dial turn on the 1-Series models) to one of the designated "C" modes.
Canon's mid and high-end EOS DSLR cameras have between one and three Custom ("C") modes available. The current EOS **D models (the EOS 70D and EOS 60D) have one Custom mode and the EOS 6D has two. Canon's high end models, including the EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1D X, have three "C" modes. The lower-end Rebel (***D and ****D) series cameras do not have custom modes available.
How to Configure a Custom Shooting Mode
Configuring a "C" mode is very easy. Simply adjust all of your camera settings as desired for the "C" mode being programmed and then find and select the "Custom shooting mode" menu option in the "Tools" tab. Next, select "Register settings". If more than one "C" mode is available on your camera, the mode number desired must then be selected. Done. That's it. That "C" mode is programmed.
Two other "Custom shooting mode" menu options are available. The first is "Clear settings". I don't recall ever using this one. I simply program over the top of an already configured "C" mode if I want to make a change. I haven't felt a need to clean up any no-longer-needed "C" mode.
The other available option is "Change Auto update set". While a "C" mode is being used, camera settings can be changed. When "Change Auto update set" is set to "Enabled", any camera setting changes made while in a "C" mode are saved to the respective "C" mode. The camera will retain the new settings even after being powered off. When this option is set to "Disabled", the camera will revert back to the originally programmed settings when the camera powers off. My cameras are all set to "Enabled". "Enabled" requires a little more attention to the as-last-configured settings when beginning to shoot, but ... I found "Disabled" to be somewhat maddening and requiring even more constant attention.
Bryan's Custom Mode Settings
I am generally using camera models with three Custom modes and I have a standard configuration that I use on all of my cameras. Being configured identically means that it doesn't matter which camera I am using, I know which Custom mode to use when the configured-for situation presents itself. That configuration and my thought process behind it as follows:
Custom Mode 1: Action Photography
The action photography I do has general overarching camera settings requirements that lend themselves perfectly to a "C" mode.
My most-used standard camera mode is "M" (Manual) and this is what I programmed "C1" for. I use "M" mode for about 95% of my photography with "Av" (Aperture Priority) mode picking up 4.8% of the remaining mode use (most often when shooting under rapidly changing light levels such as a partly-cloudy sky when Auto ISO in "M" mode is not desired). My programmed manual exposure settings include a wide open aperture (usually from whichever lens I used last), an action-stopping 1/1600 shutter speed and Auto ISO. If the light is constant, I change the ISO to a specific setting at the venue.
My "C1" is configured for AI Servo AF with a single AF point selected and the camera's highest speed burst drive mode selected. If shooting under very low light (such as an indoor gym), I select a slower/longer shutter speed to allow reasonable ISO settings to be used.
Having an action mode ready for immediately use has great benefits that include being able to properly photograph a running animal that was calmly feeding just moments before.
Custom Mode 2: Landscape and Still Life Photography
I am very frequently shooting landscape and still life subjects from a tripod and my typical settings for such photography are programmed into "C2". Once again, my selected exposure mode is "M". I generally leave the aperture set to f/11 (full frame) or f/8 (APS-C) to plan for as much depth of field as I can get without compromising sharpness (due to diffraction). The shutter speed I need varies widely when I'm in "C2" mode. It is usually set to whatever shutter speed I last used and usually needs to be set for the current situation. My "C2" ISO is set to 100 for the least noise possible.
I have One Shot AF mode selected along with the single center AF point. Key for ultimate image sharpness is that mirror lockup and the 2-sec self-timer are selected in my "C2". With the mirror automatically raising 2 seconds before the shutter release, all vibrations, including those caused by my shutter release button press, subside before image capture begins.
I usually have Long Exposure Noise Reduction enabled in "C2".
While "C" modes are great for setup speed, my "C2" needs are not usually happening fast. But, having this configuration readily available still saves me a lot of setup time. Convenience has a lot of value.
Custom Mode 3: Situational-Dependent
Basically, I leave "C" mode 3 unprogrammed until needed at each event venue. Technically, my "C3" is programmed to whatever settings I used it for last, but ... those settings are likely irrelevant to the new situation. My use for this mode varies greatly, but the overriding reason I setup "C3" is to be able to recall a venue-specific camera condition the instant I need it. I use "C3" more infrequently than "C1" and "C2" because my needs outside of the regular M and Av mode are primarily captured in my Mode 1 and 2 settings.
How are Your Custom Modes Programmed?
The variation of camera setup needs between photographers can be dramatic. Give thought to your own "C" settings.
Post Date: 12/10/2014 11:15:56 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the SmugMug Films YouTube Channel:
You've never seen space like this. This short film gives an inside look at how NASA Astronaut Don Pettit captures breathtaking images of Earth's most famous phenomena - aurora, star trails, city lights, and more - from the inside the International Space Station.
Read our interview with Don on our blog. See his photos up close.
Post Date: 12/10/2014 11:29:47 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Nikon D610 DSLR Camera
For a limited time, B&H has the Nikon D610 DSLR Camera available for $1,596.95 with fee expedited shipping and 2% Rewards. Regularly $1,996.95.
The camera also comes with several free accessories (valued at $141.84):
  • SanDisk - 16GB Ultra UHS-I SDHC Memory Card (Class 10)
  • Ruggard - Commando 36 DSLR Shoulder Bag
  • Watson - EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.0V, 1800mAh)
  • Vello - FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release - 2.4GHz (for Nikon)
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Post Date: 12/10/2014 11:00:21 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Profoto B1 2-Light Location Kit
B&H has a couple of deals on the wildly popular Profoto B1 Battery Powered Flashes. See below for details.
Profoto B1 Deals
ItemReg. PriceSavingsSale Price
Profoto B1 Battery Powered Flash$1,995.00$165.00$1,830.00
Profoto B1 2-Light Location Kit$3,950.00$350.05$3,599.95
Post Date: 12/10/2014 10:29:31 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Canon VIXIA Mini Camcorder
B&H is featuring the Canon VIXIA Mini Camcorder as a Deal Zone Deal of the Day and is available for $129.00. Regularly $299.00.
Post Date: 12/10/2014 6:59:31 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
AdoramaPix Logo
Use coupon code PXHDEAL6 at AdoramaPix to get 11x14 regular prints for only $2.00 + shipping. Regularly $2.99 - $4.99.
Qualifying Papers
  • Kodak Professional Endure Glossy
  • Kodak Professional Endure Matte
  • Kodak Professional Endure Lustre
  • Kodak Professional Endure Metallic
Post Date: 12/10/2014 6:32:08 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Outdoor Photographer:
Award-Winning Photographer Now Holds Four of the Top 20 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold
"LAS VEGAS – Today, LIK USA announced the sale of the most expensive photograph in history by world-renowned fine art photographer, Peter Lik. 'Phantom' sold to a private collector for an unprecedented $6.5 million. The purchase also included Lik’s masterworks 'Illusion' for $2.4 million and 'Eternal Moods' for $1.1 million. With this $10 million sale, Lik now holds four of the top 20 spots for most expensive photographs ever sold. He already has a position in the ranking with a previous $1 million sale of famed image, 'One.'"
See the entire article on Outdoor Photographer's website.
Post Date: 12/10/2014 5:52:02 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, December 09, 2014

From the B&H YouTube Channel:
Running a financially sound business can often feel like a fine balancing act between pursuing passion vs. profits. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned photographer, owning and running a full-time photography business requires that know how to make money and be profitable. Binita Patel shares her insights on how to MAKE MONEY as a full-time photographer.
The presentation will cover the following topics:
  • Defining the Value of Your Work
  • Selling: Pitching vs. Catching
  • Pricing and Packages
  • Understanding Your Finances
  • Achieving Profitability
Post Date: 12/9/2014 2:03:17 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
Cyclone DR PP-400DR Dual Outlet Power Pack
B&H has select Bolt Cyclone Power Packs on sale for up to $200.00 off. See below for details.
Note: An accessory cable is required for connecting the battery pack to your flash; the Bolt CZ2 HV is designed for Canon flashes.
Bolt Cyclone Sale
ItemReg. PriceSavingsSale Price
Bolt Cyclone PP-310 Compact Power Pack$349.95$150.00$199.95
Bolt Cyclone DR PP-400DR Dual Outlet Power Pack$499.95$200.00$299.95
Post Date: 12/9/2014 11:19:59 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
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