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 Thursday, July 14, 2016
As I work my way through a trio of Samyang (Rokinon, Bower, etc.) lens reviews, I have finished the product images and thought I would share the eye candy with you. Find them on the pending review pages:
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Lens
Samyang 16mm f/2 ED AS UMC CS Lens
Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC Lens
These lenses are available for comparison in the Product Image Comparison Tool. That link includes all 3 of these lenses. Here is another comparison you may find interesting (Nikon equivalent).
The sharp-eyed among you have noticed that the Samyang 16 is mounted on a Canon EOS 5Ds R in some of its product pics. You are right, this lens is not full-frame compatible. But, it mounts just fine and ... I didn't have an APS-C body available to me while photographing this lens. Visualize the camera as the similarly-sized 7D Mark II. :)
B&H carries Samyang Lenses.
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 10:21:21 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan

From the B&H YouTube Channel:
Would you like to learn to better understand how to approach your photos and achieve the best results using the Develop module in Lightroom? If so, you won't want to miss this presentation by Tim Grey. You'll gain insights into a workflow for optimizing your photos that focuses on the photo itself, to help you achieve your vision for each image.
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 10:19:05 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Photoshelter:
Get contact information from 100+ fashion publications!
Getting published in a fashion magazine is extremely rewarding, but it’s no easy task, especially when just starting out.
That’s why we teamed up with PhotoShelter member and acclaimed fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for Get Published! 2, a resource to help you pitch the right publications and connect with the right people.
Inside, get a rundown of over 100 fashion publications, complete with up-to-date contact information for photo editors, art directors, direct submission links and more.
The first tip, of course, is the most important: Always make sure your images fit the submission criteria and focus on pitching the publications your style feels most in sync with.
Now go get published!
Get the Free Guide
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 5:51:16 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Changes from Firmware Version 1.0 to 1.1
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the camera interfering with nearby radios and other devices, possibly producing audible noise, when connected to the EH-73P/EH-73PCH charging AC adapter via USB with the battery inserted and the power off. This issue does not occur when the EH-71P/EH-71PCH charging AC adapter is used.
Download: Nikon COOLPIX S33 Firmware v.1.1
B&H carries the Nikon COOLPIX S33 Digital Camera.
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 5:31:33 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
Limited Time Deal: B&H has the Lenovo 14" Flex 3 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Notebook available for $549.00 with free shipping. Regularly $749.00.
Product Highlights
  • Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet Mode
  • 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6500U Dual-Core
  • 8GB of 1600 MHz DDR3L RAM
  • 14" 10-Point Multi-Touch IPS Display
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • Integrated Intel HD 520 Graphics
  • 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-in 720p Webcam, Mic, & Speakers
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 5:22:44 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From the Canon Professional Network:
Top wildlife photographer Thorsten Milse recently took a trip to Madagascar to capture the beauty of the island's nature and many of its endemic species with the new EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR. In an exclusive interview he spoke to CPN writer Steve Fairclough to reveal how the camera performed for him in the field...
See the entire article on the Canon Professional Network.
B&H carries the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
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Post Date: 7/14/2016 5:11:44 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Wednesday, July 13, 2016
According to the Samyang Facebook page, the Korean manufacturer is poised to debut five different lenses over the next five weeks.
From the Samyang Facebook page:
"In this Summer, the five Samyang Blockbuster series will blow your mind away!
5 NEW Samyang Lenses will be released on every Monday for the next five weeks."
We have no idea how many of these lenses will be designed for DSLRs or for mirrorless cameras, but we're certainly curious to find out.
B&H carries Samyang Lenses.
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Category: Samyang News
Post Date: 7/13/2016 3:53:51 PM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom YouTube Channel:
See how photographer Elia Locardi captures and enhances his images while traveling the world using Lightroom for iOS.
B&H carries Adobe Photography Plan subscriptions.`
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 12:03:03 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
by Sean Setters
The bright, sunny days of spring, summer and fall present perfect image-making opportunities when you have an infrared converted camera in your gear bag. For me, that camera is an EOS 7D converted by LifePixel with a Super Color IR sensor.
While conventional photographic wisdom dictates that the golden hours just after sunrise and before sunset are ideal times for image-making, those with an IR camera at hand can take full advantage of midday sun to create compelling IR images. This IR benefit came in handy a couple of weeks ago.
Seeing a beautiful blue, midday sky overhead on my way to the mailbox around 1pm, I decided to head out with the IR camera to a spot I had filed in the back of my memory. It was a small parking area off of Victory Dr. on the way to Tybee Island from Savannah, GA. After arriving at the location, I photographed various scenes for about a half hour before ultimately deciding it wasn't as photogenic as I had thought (or maybe my creative skills simply weren't doing it justice on that day). With my tail between my legs, I headed home.
However, on my return trip I spotted an interesting dock area to my right on the other side of the bridge that crosses the Wilmington River. After turning off the main road, I worked my way back to the dock and found that it was a public park – W.E. Honey Park, to be exact – and the dock I had seen from the bridge was easily accessible.
I parked and attached the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM to the EOS 7D to allow for a wide range of framing opportunities from the dock. I also attached a B+W Circular Polarizer to the lens to see how it might impact the image. After several attempts to capture the bridge as seen from the dock, I turned around to photograph a small river winding its way through the marsh with lots of clouds near the tree-lined horizon. After returning to my vehicle, I realized that my normal custom white balance may not be optimal with the circular polarizer attached. As such, I pulled out my X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and photographed its white balance target in direct sunlight with the CPOL attached for color correction purposes in post processing.
As I do with all my images captured in IR, I set the white balance in Digital Photo Professional and then exported a TIFF into Photoshop CC. There, I view the image a few different ways to see which post processing technique I feel best suits the scene.
Here's what the image looked like straight out of the camera with only an Auto Levels applied:
Wilmington River in Super Color IR Auto Levels Only

While I find that non red/blue channel flipped images may work well for some portraits, I rarely find the nearly straight out of camera approach well suited for landscapes.
Let's try another technique. Below I've applied Auto Levels, swapped the red and blue color channels and desaturated the yellow color of the foliage.
Wilmington River in Super Color IR Desaturated Yellows

The above represents a more typical IR photo, albeit with blue color in the sky and in the water. While this image looks much better than the straight out of camera example, I decided to leave the Yellow channel untouched in the final image above so that there was a clear separation between the clouds and the tree line. The circular polraizer that was used seemed to create an even more intense blue in the scene compared to images taken without the filter in place.
I've been really happy having an IR-converted camera in my kit these past few months. It's been a great investment for me and a fitting use for a DSLR which would have seen little use after upgrading to 7D Mark II. And the great thing about the Super Color IR sensor option, in particular, is that I gain great flexibility in creating multiple image styles from the same capture.
Ready to learn more about infrared camera conversions? Take a look at our Infrared Camera Conversion by LifePixel Review.
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 11:07:11 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the Canon Europe YouTube Channel:
Jonathan and Angela Scott are multi award-winning wildlife photographers based in Kenya. These Canon Ambassadors set out on safari with the new EOS-1D X Mark II. This is their story.
B&H carries the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 8:43:30 AM CT   Posted By: Sean

From the X-Rite YouTube Channel:
Join fashion photographer Lindsay Adler as she walks you through the exciting process of bringing a fashion shoot to life. Lindsay covers concept development, gathering a creative team, considerations on the day of the shoot, color management, retouching basics, file delivery and more. This webinar is a great overview and introduction of exactly what it takes to create a successful fashion image from one of the world's most renowned fashion photographers.
B&H carries X-Rite color calibration products.
Note: Being red-green colorblind, I've come to rely on the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo for color balancing when working with various clients. It allows me to take a technical approach to color balancing rather than relying on my own perception. [Sean]
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 8:23:11 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Canon USA:
imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 series Firmware Ver.1.1
  • The maximum printable height of custom paper size will be lengthened to 25.5-inch (647.70mm) with specifying in the printer driver.
imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 series Printer Driver Ver.1.02
  • Concerning printer paper size, the maximum height of [Paper Size] in [Custom Paper Size] is enlarged from [594mm/23.39inch] to [647.70mm/25.5inch].
    When you use the enlarged paper size, use the printer with firmware version 1.110 or later.
Download: imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 series Firmware v1.1 & Printer Driver v.1.02
B&H carries the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer which currently qualifies for a $100.00 mail-in rebate through August 31.
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 7:48:00 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
According to the Egami Blog, Tamron has patented the optical formula for a 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3 VC.
Description of Patent
  • Patent Publication No. 2016-126295
  • Published 2016.7.11
  • Submitted 2015.1.8
  • Focus distance 103.00 247.29 389.05
  • f-number 4.51 5.81 6.53
  • Field of view 11.68 4.88 3.11
  • Negative positive negative
  • Rear focus (Group 5)
  • Anti-vibration (third group)
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 5:16:21 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
From Nikon:
Changes from Firmware Versions “A” 1.02/“B” 1.02 to Versions “A” 1.03/“B” 1.02
Fixed the following issues:
  • The battery level indicator would on rare occasions flash if the camera was turned on with Clean at shutdown or Clean at startup & shutdown selected for SETUP MENU > Clean image sensor > Clean at startup/shutdown.
  • Two different pictures with the same file number would on rare occasions be recorded to both memory cards if two cards were inserted with Overflow selected for SHOOTING MENU > Slot 2.
Download: Nikon D3s Firmware v. “A” 1.03/“B” 1.02
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Post Date: 7/13/2016 5:07:37 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Lightning Deal: Amazon has the Pelican 1690 Case with Foam available for $278.99 with free shipping. Compare at $349.95.
Product Highlights
  • Pelican cases are kept watertight through the use of a tongue and groove fit and a polymer o-ring.
  • Pelican cases come standard with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve which releases built up air pressure while keeping water out.
  • Pelican's Pick N'Pluck foam lets you customize the interior.
  • Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors
  • Interior Dimensions (inches): 30.01 x 25.02 x 16.01
  • Watertight crushproof and dust proof
  • Open cell core with solid wall design - strong light weight
  • Pressure equalization valve
  • Large 2-person fold down handles
  • Retractable extension handle
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Post Date: 7/12/2016 12:59:12 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
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