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 Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic
From Lensbaby:
Latest product in Lensbaby’s Optic Swap System offers high-quality, versatile 50mm tilt lens
Portland, OR and New York, New York (PhotoPlus Expo 2015)—October 21, 2015 – Lensbaby, providing creative effects lenses to photographers that ignite their creativity and expand their unique visions of the world, today announced the new Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic, adding another powerful and creative tool to their Optic Swap System. The product will make its public debut during PhotoPlus Expo 2015, being held October 21-24 at the Javits Convention Center, New York City. Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic is designed for shooters ranging from avid enthusiasts and serious hobbyists to semiprofessional DSLR and mirrorless photographers.
Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic is a high-quality, 50mm f/3.2 upgraded metal-bodied tilt lens that lets you control depth of field in-camera for an authentic, immersive shooting experience. Photographers can use the lens to create images with a sharp slice of focus bordered by silky, smooth blur. The lens body swivels and tilts on a smooth metal ball and socket design, providing a fast and intuitive way to switch between traditional straight lens photos and tilt photography. Using selective focus, shooters can lead the viewers’ eyes on a unique journey through landscapes, close-ups, miniature effects, street photography and food photos.
Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic Sample Photo 1

"Since the beginning, Lensbaby’s products have inspired new levels of creativity where the limits of traditional lenses have been reached," said Craig Strong, Lensbaby Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer. “Composer Pro II with Edge 50 builds on the history and success of the original Composer Pro with a look and feel equal to the industrial design of Velvet 56, our high-end classic portrait lens. Lensbaby provides the most unique and creative camera lenses anywhere.”
Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic provides a gateway to an endless supply of creativity tools. Compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, it provides limitless options for photographers to swap optics in an out of the Composer Pro II lens body to change effect and focal length.
Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic Sample Photo 2

Visitors to PhotoPlus Expo 2015 can view a demo of the Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic at the exhibit hall, booth #372.
Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic specs:
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture range: f/3.2 through f/22
  • 9-blade internal aperture
  • Flat field optic (creates a slice of sharp focus)
  • Minimum focusing distance: 8” from the front of the lens
  • Maximum focusing distance: Infinity
  • Focus Type: Manual
  • Size/Weight: 3.25” (8.25 cm) high x 2.5” (6.35cm) wide / 10 oz (283.49 g)
  • Tilt: up to 15 degrees
  • Compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System
  • 8 multi-coated glass elements in 6 groups
  • 46mm filter threads
Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic retails for $424.95 and is available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony Alpha A, Pentax K, Fuji X, Sony Alpha E, Micro 4/3rds, and Samsung NX. Lensbaby products are available at lensbaby.com, B&H, Adorama, and from select specialty photo stores worldwide.
Note - Edge 80 Optic, Sweet 35 and Sweet 50 are currently available with the original Composer Pro only.
B&H carries the Lensbaby Composer Pro II with Edge 50 Optic.
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Post Date: 10/21/2015 6:15:03 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Velvet 56 classic portrait lens gives you a velvety, ethereal start with a smooth finish, from the big picture to the smallest details. Bringing modern-day simplicity to the carefully crafted build and look of mid-20th century portrait lenses, this 56mm f/1.6 manual portrait and macro lens evokes an experience like no other. Embrace the moment as you easily go from capturing gorgeous, radiant environments to intimate details in the same scene.
B&H has the Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f/1.6 Lens available with shipping beginning April 13.
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Post Date: 4/7/2015 7:47:39 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Lensbaby Sweet 50 Optic
Note: This announcement from last month flew under my radar. Better late than never! [Sean]
PORTLAND, Ore, – August 19, 2014 – Lensbaby, one of the world’s leading makers of creative-effects camera lenses, today announced the availability of the Sweet 50, a 50mm selective-focus optic compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System for DSLR, mirrorless and motion picture cameras.
The Sweet 50 optic is a 50mm selective focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture ranging from f/2.5 through f/22. Along with controlling depth of field, the aperture controls the size of the sweet spot of focus. The Sweet 50 is part of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System and is mounted to the DSLR, mirrorless or motion picture camera via the Composer Pro lens body.
Product specs:
  • Manual focus
  • Curved field of focus optic (creates a spot of focus surrounded by blur)
  • Two multi-coated glass elements in one group
  • Minimum focus distance: 15 inches
  • Maximum focus distance: Infinity
  • 46mm front threads
  • Compatible with Lensbaby Composer Pro, Muse, Control Freak and Scout lens bodies
Pricing and availability
The Sweet 50 will be available on September 16 at Lensbaby-authorized photo specialty stores worldwide. It will sell for $299.95 (MSRP) with the Composer Pro lens mount or $119.95 (MSRP) for the optic only.
B&H carries the Lensbaby Sweet 50 optic.
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Post Date: 9/9/2014 1:54:35 PM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Thursday, April 10, 2014
Lensbaby 5.8mm Circular Fisheye Lens
Lensbaby has announced a new 5.8mm Circular Fisheye Lens for Canon and Nikon systems.
Lensbaby's 5.8mm Circular Fisheye lens gives photographers a fun and affordable way to create circular images that transform the world around them.
This Circular Fisheye lens is great for capturing the scale of endless landscapes and big events, fun self-portraits, quirky shots of pets or friends, creating extreme perspective, and experimenting with unique lens flare. It is capable of capturing a 185° angle of view and focusing from 1/4 inch in front of the lens to infinity. That extreme close-focus paired with the incredibly wide 5.8mm focal length produces other-worldly distortion with exceptional sharpness throughout.
The Circular Fisheye is optimized for APS-C sensor DSLRs, while producing a smaller image circle on full frame DSLRs.

  • Circular Fisheye lens
  • 5.8mm focal length
  • 185° angle of view
  • f/3.5-22
  • Manual lens
  • Polished internal barrel for creative flare & reflection
  • Focus distance scale & hyperfocal scale to aid in focusing
  • Available for Canon EF & Nikon F camera mounts
  • Size/Weight: 2.75” (7cm) x 2.75” (7cm) x 3” (7.6cm) high / 10.5oz (298g)

Product Highlights:

  • Full-circle image
  • 185° angle of view
  • 5.8mm f/3.5-22
  • Extreme close focus from 1/4"
  • Creates unique flare & reflection around image circle
  • Manual focus
  • Edge to edge sharpness

Sample Photos:

Lensbaby 5.8mm Circular Fisheye Sample Photos

B&H has the Lensbaby 5.8mm f/3.5 Circular Fisheye Lens available for preorder.

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Post Date: 4/10/2014 4:07:22 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Friday, June 7, 2013
From Lensbaby:
Those watching the anticipated “Much Ado About Nothing,” out in theatres today, will see the magic of Lensbaby at work
Portland, OR - June 7, 2013 – Lensbaby, creator of award-winning Creative Effects SLR, mirrorless and PL mount camera lenses, is extremely excited to announce that its products were used to captivate audiences in the film “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by the renowned Joss Whedon.
Shot in just 12 days, this new film puts a contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s classic comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.” The Director of Photography on “Much Ado About Nothing,” Jay Hunter, recently sat down with Lensbaby and gave some insight into how and why he used Lensbaby lenses during filming.
"We shot the flashback scenes on a Canon 7D with a Lensbaby Composer with Double Glass. I really love how the Lensbaby sends you into an abstract world, by defocusing and warping the frame while leaving other portions of the frame sharp. It helps directs your eye to certain moments, but also creates a dream state right out of the box," explained Hunter.
"The first time we used Lensbaby was in a flashback scene. I framed it up and told [director Joss Whedon] we could use a straight lens if the Lensbaby didn't work for him. However, Joss looked at it and said it was perfect — it just clicked for him. There was no discussion after that; it just became the way we were going to shoot all of the flashbacks in the film. There’s just something organic about doing things in camera, the way all of the elements come together. You get this end product that is so much more satisfying and higher quality in the end than spending a ton of time and money trying to replicate it in post-production."
See the “Much Ado About Nothing” trailer.
B&H carries Lensbaby products.
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Post Date: 6/7/2013 9:36:11 AM CT   Posted By: Sean
 Tuesday, September 18, 2012
The inexpensive Lensbaby Spark (press release) has just made its debut.
B&H has the Lensbaby Spark in stock.
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Post Date: 9/18/2012 7:17:17 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Lensbaby has today announced the latest addition to their Optic Swap System, the 80mm Edge 80 Optic.
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Post Date: 2/14/2012 9:00:54 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Saturday, February 4, 2012
From Lensbaby:
New Lensbaby Macro Converters Give Lensbaby Shooters Limitless Close-Focus Options
Portland, OR – February 2, 2012 – Lensbaby announces today the addition of its new macro photography accessories for its lens bodies and optics, the Lensbaby Macro Converters. These Macro Converters help Lensbaby photographers create close-up, dreamy and artistic photos while blurring out distracting elements.
“We’ve created a product that offers even more macro options beyond our existing Lensbaby Macro Kit, and works with every lens body and optic we make,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and Co-Founder. “These Macro Converters offer great close-up range, and when mixed and matched with our existing Macro Kit, provide even more options for creative Lensbaby macro photography.”
The Macro Converters are available as a set containing one 8mm converter and one 16mm converter, which can also be stacked together to make a 24mm converter. The existing Lensbaby Macro Kit (which features a +4 and +10 macro filter) can also be used in conjunction with the Macro Converters with the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic and Soft Focus Optics for an even closer capture.
Lensbaby Macro Converters Box Contents:
* 8mm Macro Converter
* 16mm Macro Converter
* Hard storage case
* User guide
B&H carries Lensbaby products.
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Post Date: 2/4/2012 10:23:21 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, September 29, 2011
The Lensbaby Movie Maker's Kit (press release) has been announced.
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Post Date: 9/29/2011 2:10:33 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, September 1, 2011
Lensbaby highlights creative senior portraits with its Senior Style Portrait Contest.
The list of prizes is long - and includes a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Get a Lensbaby and get started.
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Post Date: 9/1/2011 10:06:58 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Friday, July 22, 2011
Lensbaby has announced availability of its Portrait Kits and Senior Style Portrait Photo Contest (press release).
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Post Date: 7/22/2011 11:27:49 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Monday, April 4, 2011
Lensbaby has announced the Composer Pro - a professional grade version of the Lensbaby Composer.
The Lensbaby Composer (B&H) will remain in the product line, but will have a new, lower MSRP.
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Post Date: 4/4/2011 11:19:10 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Lensbaby has introduced the Sweet 35 Optic.
"The Sweet 35 Optic, compatible with the Composer, Muse, Control Freak and Scout lens bodies, produces a sweet spot of focus surrounded by a smooth, gradual blur. The Sweet 35 Optic provides photographers with even more creative freedom to capture their vision in camera by dialing in the sweet spot quickly and seamlessly, in the moment. Its wide 35mm focal length is perfect for landscape, event and environmental portrait photography."
Being able to adjust the built-in aperture by turning the ring on the Sweet 35 Optic is a very nice feature - advancing the Lensbaby line.
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Post Date: 3/1/2011 1:39:34 PM CT   Posted By: Bryan
 Thursday, May 6, 2010
Deal over: Amazon.com has the Lensbaby 2.0 for only $48.14 shipped.
Update: Amazon.com has apparently sold out of the Lensbaby 2.0. It is still available at this link, but it is coming from Adorama and the price is now $67.95.
Posted to: Canon News
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Post Date: 5/6/2010 9:02:31 AM CT   Posted By: Bryan
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