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Licensing Pictures - Royalty Free, Rights Controlled, Copyright Ownership

The pictures on this site are available for royalty free, rights controlled or even complete copyright purchase. Please contact me with details on your intended use and desired license type. Model and property releases are available for many shots that need them. Pictures are available in .JPG, .TIF and in most cases, RAW file formats. If you need a picture to include in a magazine, to include in a corporate brochure, to put on a billboard, or for any other commercial requirement, please contact me via email.

Are All of Your Pictures Online?

No - Only a small fraction of the inventory is online. If you see one you like, there are likely more similar shots in the collection. Many, many completely different images are available as well.

No Hot Linking of Pictures

While I welcome and encourage linking to the site and pictures, I do not permit hot linking of the images to other sites without express permission. Hot linking can be a drain on the server resources needed to support this site's visitors. Because of the hot linking problem, this site has been designed to allow all pictures to be moved to a new folder path structure in minutes. This breaks all hot links.

Free Wallpaper

Enjoy the beauty of the site's pictures all day. You are permitted to personally use any of the pictures displayed on this web site specifically for your computer desktop wallpaper. Typically, you save a picture as your computer desktop wallpaper by right-clicking your mouse on a picture and selecting the "Set as Background" option. I suggest using your operating system's wallpaper "Center" option - not the "Tile" or "stretch" options. Alteration of the pictures in any way is prohibited.

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